LFE Report on Health and Medical Services Essay Sample

1. 0 Introduction
The footings Health and Medical services are interrelated to each other and progressively cardinal to our lives. Bangladesh is a land of difficult working psyche and the major population of this state dwells in the rural countries. LFE has been designed to supply a brief cognition over the life construction and societal and economic and besides the wellness status of the rural countries of Bangladesh. The consciousness about wellness and Medical services are increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Like other states. Bangladesh has a strong committedness to turn to the wellness and Medical services issues. Attempts have been made here in this chapter to calculate out the population. wellness and medical service conditions of Purba Para. Golora. Manikganj. A major purpose of this study is to explicate the policy-response for accomplishing development for the small town in our point of concerns – “the wellness and Medical services” . In the past old ages. the wellness and Medical service jobs were treated individually. But this Trend has changed in the recent old ages. In most instances. population is seen as an sum of Devouring units and seting emphasis progressively on the natural resources leads to Environmental debasement.

This is why there had been many efforts to research the interrelatedness between population. wellness and medical services at all conceptual and organisation Levels. In world the interrelatedness between population. wellness and medical services is more Complex and multidimensional. Human existences are non ever consumers. they are besides Producers and some clip they are curators of nature and environment. The quality and Quantity of the population of a state have inevitable interaction with its natural resources And environment. Sing a field survey on a certain small town I was required to get a unsmooth cognition about the status of the people populating in the rural countries all over Bangladesh since the premise is that the small towns of Bangladesh are about likewise. Out of around 93000 small towns we studied merely one small town in Manikganj territory. The economic system of Bangladesh is largely dependent on the part of these villagers and though the air of engineering and promotion is blowing over the whole state we can non believe Bangladesh without small towns. Golora. This small town is about like the other small towns all around Bangladesh and larning about the small town to project a scenario of the major population of Bangladesh was my chief aim.

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1. 1 Aims
To reflect the province of wellness. immunisation and medical installations available in the small town.
To visualise the different types of wellness jobs harmonizing the villagers. The name of the common diseases in the country.
To capture the differences of villagers in their wellness conditions and construct. The types of wellness installations the villagers are acquiring.
The NGOs operation in the small town sing development of the villager’s wellness attention installations.

To acquire the existent image of the present environmental status of the small town. like beginning of H2O supply lavatory installations and sort of fuel they used. To larn the overall status of the small town and its people. To research the socio economic status and life style and the manner of pull offing the resources.

To unearth the distance and psychological factors of the villagers that drive them to

take a different life from the urban inhabitants.
To research the wellness issues of the certain occupants.
To happen the medical support they are holding in their small town. To happen the fiscal status of them for their medical support.

1. 2 Restrictions
The LFE is a really short term research based class where we need to happen assorted valuable information’s about the society we are researching. So the cogency of the information provided remains susceptible to mistakes. Lack of human resource and deficit of clip does non allow full revelation of the information’s extracted and deficiency of proper guideline and condensed questionnaire may take to incorrect information collected as confirmation of the collected information is rather impossible within this clip. Our study clip was in the forenoon. At that clip most of the males were out of their house for work and the females were non being able to supply information decently due to miss of cognition and were loath to talk with us about their jobs.

1. 3 Methodology and Procedure
This research work had been done on our cyberspace based cell phone. This study was conducted by Real clip informations. We took informations from family members so straight off we sent our informations in the waiter via Cell phone. We used alone House clasp Id for every individual household. To garner all the information I besides used some people as tools and self-observation and estimations of different demographic tools and besides interviewed the related individuals. Simple random sampling was the chief focal point. Qualitative & A ; quantitative informations were good thought-out to analyse this survey. To assemble information on community resources. literacy. and community development plans. wellness worker. small town physician. Upozilla Health complex information we did consecutive manner interview. Furthermore dispensary and the service of a small town physician have been done through different experimental techniques and unfastened terminal inquiries. Sample notes and on topographic point press releases have been used to roll up information all through the coursework.

By roll uping individuality of families.
Roll uping informations by utilizing questionnaire study from family members. Giving collected informations as input in IUB cyberspace based nomadic web site ( adult male. iub. org ) Finding the interior of wellness status of the villagers.

By look intoing the available wellness attention centre.
Sum uping the information.

2. 0 Working country
A sum of 20 five groups of two individuals took topographic point in the LFE summer 2012 plan held at Proshika. Manikganj. I worked at the center of the Golora small town which is known and golora moddho parity and Golora purba Para. The Area we surveyed was dwelling of about 2 square kilometres east and center of the land. I besides went to the Koitta bazar which is the nearest bazar of Golora to take farther information about the small town physician and other related subjects. Not merely this I besides deployed my best attempt to roll up the necessary information from the occupants of Golora. I have besides communicated with the visitants to this topographic point. I aslo went to the Manikganj Upazilla Health composite and had an interview with the medical officer in charge of the wellness composite.

2. 1 Manikganj Overview

Manikganj District ( DHAKA division ) with an country of 1378. 99 sq kilometer. is bounded by TANGAIL territory on the North. DHAKA territory on the E. FARIDPUR and Dhaka territories on the South. the


and the territories of PABNA and RAJBARI on the West. Annual temperature: maximal 36°C and minimal 12. 7°C ; one-year rainfall 2376 millimeter. Main rivers are the Padma. Jamuna. Dhaleshwari. Ichamati and Kaliganga. An extended country of the territory particularly riverine country of the upazilas of Harirampur. Shivalaya and Daulatpur become victims of riverbank eroding every twelvemonth. Manikganj ( Town ) consists of 9 wards and 49 mahallas. The country of the town is 20. 59 sq kilometer. It has a population of 53161 ; male 51. 16 % and female 48. 84 % ; denseness of population is 2582. Literacy rate among the town people is 49. 9 % . Administration of Manikganj subdivision was established in 1845 and was turned into a territory in 1984. It consists of 1 municipality. 7 upazilas. 65 brotherhood parishads. 1357 mouzas. 9 wards. 49 mahallas and 1647 small towns. The upazilas are MANIKGANJ SADAR. SINGAIR. SHIVALAYA. SATURIA. HARIRAMPUR. GHIOR and DAULATPUR. Main businesss Agriculture 37. 96 % . fishing 1. 87 % . agricultural labourer 22. 25 % . pay labourer 3. 92 % . industry 1. 15 % . and commerce 11. 97 % . building 1. 03 % . service 8. 43 % . Transport 1. 76 % and others 9. 66 % .

Beginning: Internet

2. 2 Proshika HRDC

The name „Proshika? is a Bengali acronym made of initials of three words: Proshikhan ( developing ) . Shiksa ( development instruction ) and Kaj ( action ) . Since its origin as a Bangladesh non-government development organisation in 1976. Proshika’s purpose has been to make a autonomous development procedure among the rural hapless by widening support for acquiring themselves organized. going critically witting of their state of affairs and doing united and corporate attempts to better their socioeconomic status. The promotional organisation of the rural hapless is recognized as the nucleus activity of Proshika “Before you profess. pattern yourself” . With this rule PROSHIKA began the Research and Demonstration Project at its Human Resource Development Centre ( HRDC ) at Koitta. Manikganj. to develop more sustainable and productive engineerings. direction patterns and production methods that it asks others to follow. The nonsubjective therefore has been to mensurate the possibility of success and the hazard involved in engineerings before they are handed over to the hapless group members so that they do non confront any fiscal fiasco subsequently. Besides. the group members? theoretical cognition acquired from assorted developing programmes demands to be complemented with practical accomplishments. Otherwise. expected consequences can non be achieved.

Presently. the RDP at Golora has the undermentioned constituents:
( a ) Ecological Agribusiness.
( B ) Livestock ( Dairy Farm ; Poultry Parent Farm and Poultry Hatchery.
( degree Celsius ) Fisheries Farm.
( vitamin D ) Shrimp Hatchery.
( vitamin E ) Pest and Natural Enemy Interaction in Low Input Rice Cropping System.
( degree Fahrenheit ) Sericulture ( Silkworm Stock Rearing. Silk Reeling. Silk Weaving ) .
( g ) Plant Tissue Culture.
( H ) Iron Removal Plant.
( I ) Bio-gas Project.

3. 0 Health and Health Service
3. 1 Introduction
The aim of the survey was to happen out the wellness status of the small town and take a just thought.
The wellness place of different age groups and medical services available was the chief focal point of my survey. Furthermore I tried to happen out the impact of industrialisation on the environment and whether it has any inauspicious consequence or non. What is the villagers? attitude towards their milieus and their enterprise to continue the natural beauty was besides portion of our survey.

3. 2 Findingss

Area mask Golora Modhaya parity

Present wellness status of Golora small town is relatively rather good. Peoples are much more cognizant than earlier and they are self-driven to stay healthy by devouring good and maintaining their milieus neat and clean. The functions of NGO?s have been a major factor in making this consciousness. Peoples are besides really cognizant of the environmental issues and are seeking to maintain their milieus clean to avoid the scattering of assorted diseases. But the small town is missing

the fruit trees it used to hold and the plantation of Eucalyptus has been a ascendant civilization now a yearss which is the lone defect found about the environmental status of this small town. But one most interesting fact was that most of the family people surveyed were in really sound wellness place nevertheless those who were ailments were enduring badly and helpless in acquiring any type of support. The study questionnaires will function better to understand the overall wellness status and environment of the small town.

3. 3 Resources
Water resources and their public-service corporations:
Water no uncertainty one of the most indispensable elements of environment and besides of import for life and life. Bangladesh is an over-populated state with its demand for its basic demands increasing in an unconditioned manner. As the population is increasing. the demand for H2O is besides increasing for assorted activities. Water is a important characteristic for civilisation. Water is used for domestic intent like imbibing. bathing. cookery. rinsing etc.