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Napolean Essay, Research Paper

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During the Gallic Revolution the old ages of 1799-1815, France was ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte. Although many people feel that Napoleon is one of absolutism, the truth is he one for the state and did what he felt was in the best involvement of France. Napoleon was a democratic leader for his state. By analyzing his function in instruction, the political facets, and the societal facets of France, one can see he did good for the state although non everything was perfect, there is no perfect individual or Utopia.

Napoleon set out to do France the greatest state of Europe, and instruction was one of the top precedences on his list. Since Napoleon believed in a system of virtue non one of household hierarchy, he felt everyone needed to be educated. The authorities was acquiring legion ailments sing the deficiency of schools in many countries, deficiency of professionalism among the instructors, deficiency of subject and attending by pupils and, in a few countries, deficiency of spiritual instruction ( Markham 5 ) . The job with spiritual instruction was partly resolved by the Concordat between Napoleon and the Pope. Religious simple schools had opened but largely for misss. Napoleon felt that misss and male childs didn & # 8217 ; t need the same instruction. Girls needed domestic accomplishments, which will be helpful one time married. Although he did experience they needed to larn, Numberss, authorship, and the rules of their linguistic communications, every bit good as history, geographics, natural philosophies and vegetation. Another portion of instruction that was really important to Napoleon was the thought of secondary instruction. He felt that male child & # 8217 ; s instruction should be separated into 2 parts ; under age 12 and over age 12. The first 4 categories would include general subjects, one time finished with that they would hold to take between a civil calling or a calling in the military and the remainder of their instruction would depend on that ( Markham 5 ) . To this twenty-four hours the Napoleonic educational system is still really popular in France. There has been some alteration in the system such as, the separation of church and province was made complete. Now faith was non portion of the public school & # 8217 ; s course of study. The high schools know, as secondary schools are still at that place today and even plays more of an of import function. Graduation from a secondary school is good plenty for most occupations.

Napoleon besides did good for the political system of France. He created a new fundamental law. It consisted of thr

EE consuls. The first consul assumed by Napoleon, but was voted in. Napoleon worked truly difficult to set France back together after the revolution. He allowed all types of political refugees back into France, and besides appointed both extremist Republicans and monarchist blue bloods to his authorities. ( Hooker 2 ) . While the most matchless act was to let the Catholic church back into to France, The covenant with Pope Pius VII. While in regulation he besides created The Napoleonic Code. It was a complete revamp of the Gallic jurisprudence. It was based on 2 thoughts: that all work forces are equal under the jurisprudence ( but non adult females ) and all people have a right to belongings. ( Hooker 3 ) The codification stamped out all privileges from the jurisprudence including revenue enhancement Torahs. The codification spelled out assorted contractual Torahs to guarantee the inviolability of private belongings. ( Hooker 3 ) Many people think that what Napoleon was making was incorrect, yet they voted him Napoleon I, Emperor of France in 1804. Napoleon besides in all he did get rid of feudal system, which was portion of the Code.

As was stated before Napoleon brought the Catholic Church back into France ; Bonaparte and Pope Pius VII agreed that it was necessary for the peace of the state. Napoleon besides created the Legion of Honor in 1802. It was Nobility but it was based on ability. At first non many people favored it, but by Napoleon & # 8217 ; s downfall everyone even the Republicans favored it. ( Holtman 3 ) Napoleon besides accounted for the betterment and better intervention of the Jews. He gave them the right to idolize in private and in some instances allowed them to go fully fledged citizens. Napoleon besides helped make a system of measuring for the whole state now used in many topographic points the metric system. He besides created the bank of France. It aided the fusion of the state and made it easy for everyone. Before Napoleon came around matrimonies were merely allowed through the church, he allowed matrimonies outside the church. The church ne’er recognized divorces but Napoleon did. Which made life a batch easier for people in France.

Bonaparte might hold wanted to hold control over many lands, but most significantly he had improved the position of France from what it was after the Revolution to what it is now. He has helped determine present twenty-four hours France. His thoughts with instruction, the authorities, and the societal revolution he created were a immense portion in history. He was a democratic leader in many different facets.