Native Son Summary Essay Research Paper In

Native Son ( Summary ) Essay, Research Paper

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In the fresh Native Son the writer, Richard Wright, conveys the attitudes and the feelings of the characters really efficaciously. The characters actions represent their personality and their attack and position of life. This construct is best demonstrated throught the character traits of the chief character Bigger Thomas. Therefore Bigger & # 8217 ; s actions are justified by the emotions that stem from his position upon life and society. Brought up in a hapless black community, Bigger has been exposed to such thoughts of white domination because inkinesss were denied chances of promotion and the chance to turn out themselves intelligent and capable of going more than survants. This surfaces in the novel when Giffer and his friend Gus watch a sky composing plane. & # 8220 ; I could wing a plane if I had the opportunity, & # 8221 ; Bigger said with Gus replying, & # 8220 ; If you wasn & # 8217 ; t black and if you had some money and if they & # 8217 ; d allow you travel to that air power school, you could wing a plane. & # 8221 ; During this conversation the two male childs imply the impossibleness of accomplishment in a universe dominated by Whites. Then subsequently Bigger responds by stating, & # 8220 ; Maybe they right in non desiring us to wing, & # 8217 ; do it I took a plane up I & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds take a twosome bombs along and drop & # 8217 ; em sure as snake pit & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; By stating this Bigger reflects the feeling that he feels frustrated and angry with the Whites for how they cna merely deny them certain chances. This besides proves something of Hes attitude and his emotions toward white society, in that he knows the boundaries set between the race of Whites and inkinesss. Fear represents an even larger factor in the definition of his personality in the case of the slaying of the Dalton & # 8217 ; s Daughter Mary. Early on on when he meets Mary he expresses he detest for her as a consequence of Mary and her friend Jan handling him like an equal. Mary and Jan are seeking to convert Bigger to come in and eat with them, but Bigger is puzzled by their behaviour and refuses merely to be co

nfronted with more pressure from Mary and Jan. “Bigger felt trapped. Oh goddamn! He saw in a flash that he could have made all of this very easy if he had simply acted from the beginning as if they were doing nothing unusual. But he didn’t trust them; he distrusted them, really hated them.” When Bigger does murder Mary he didn’t do so out of his anger for her but out of his fear that courses through his body at that particular time and he can’t control his own actions. “He turned and a hysterical terror siezed him, as though he were falling from a great height in a dream. A white blur was standing by the door, silent, ghostlike. It filled his eyes and gripped his body. It was Mrs. Dalton.” “Mary’s body surged upward and he pushed downward upon the pillow with all of his weight, determinded that she must not move or make any sound that would betray him.” “His muscles flexed taut as steel and he pressed the pillow, feeling the bed give slowly, evenly, but silently. Then suddenly her fingernails did not bite into his wrists. Mary’s fingers loosened. He did not feel her surging and heaving against him. Her body was still.” These series of thoughts rushing through Bigger’s mind explains that he did not murder Mary out of rage or anger as a result of the resturant insidence, but out of fear of being discovered by her mother. So he tired to help by keeping her quiet and not revealing his presence but in the process accidnetally killing her. Richard Wright conveyed the emotions of all the characters in the book very clearly by demonstrating the motives behind each action, which in turn revealed to you an overwhelming sense of the characters feelings and personality. As a result of this, I believe the characters in the novel accented its integrity, therefore I believe teh strong point of the book to be the characterization. ( If you are a student at Garrett High School don’t use this because I attend there also and have already used it. The teacher WILL know!)