Patient Dumping Essay Sample

My last article focuses on patient dumping. I really stumbled upon this topic while researching another subject. Although I have been in health care for about 11 old ages. I did non cognize patient dumping occurred. Where I work. the patient is stabilized before they are transferred. Apparently. the province of California has a history of patient dumping among the homeless and the mentally and physically handicapped. This peculiar article examines the instance of a 42 twelvemonth old mentally sick Hispanic paraplegic. A local Los Angeles infirmary took him in because the local mission had no beds to suit him. Mr. Olvera was left in the hospital’s anteroom for several hours before he put on coach and dropped off on Skid Row. Skid Row is an country of Los Angeles that has a high concentration of homeless shelters and mentally sick citizens. Mr. Olvera was non treated for his mental unwellness and he was non treated for the urinary piece of land infection.

He was discharged in a dirty infirmary gown with a catheter still attached. I was enraged while reading this narrative. I hate to believe we live in a society where a health care system would be comfy with dispatching a patient that had been non been treated. While I was researching patient dumping. I found that California has a high figure of patient dumping instances. I have ne’er seen any documented instances of patient dumping in Tennessee. The Bible says that whatever we do to the least of these. we do unto Him. That construct is what all healthcare workers should retrieve. You should handle everybody how you would desire to be treated. Healthcare is about assisting and mending. The destitute population deserves to be treated humanely besides. I do non believe anyone should be treated otherwise because of their economic position. I besides think organisations who pattern in this manner should non be allowed provide attention to the populace.

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