Shawshank Redemption

Final Project- Shawshank Redemption What is the dominant perspective in the correctional institutions that are took place in your viewed movie? I choose to watch The Shawshank Redemption; the dominant perspective in the correctional institution that took place in this movie was a get-tough perspective. It is believed that society needs to “get even” with those who do social harm and feel that the longer a person is incarcerated the less likely they will be able to commit another crime. What do you think the goal was in the correctional strategy that took place in the movie?

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The goal in the correction that took place in the Shawshank Redemption was that you had to respect the correctional officers, there were no talking back to the correction officers, and if you did you will get badly beaten. The warden believed that his prison system was based on discipline and religion. Compare current prison policy in California with those policy used by the states policy in your viewed movie. The prison system will have random cell inspections, in the morning and before bedtime, the prisoners will have to come out of their cells when they are told to make sure they are present.

Prisoners will have to follow the rules of the prison if not followed they will be punished by either getting beaten by the guards or placed in the hole for a period of time. What was the prison challenge of prison work in the selection? The challenge in the work field in corrections was the prisoners worked either in the laundry, library, or outside work was provided when it was needed. The work was arranged on how the staff perceived on how the inmate was such as the elderly was able to work in the library passing out books to inmates and Andy was able to work in the library due to his profession in society.

He was able to help other inmates and staff on finance issues. What were the goals of punishment in your film? The goals of punishment in the Shawshank Redemption were you have to follow what the correction officers say. If you disobeyed you will be sent to the hole or be beaten. The punishment the prisoners received were to learn a lesson from what they did. An example is when Andy was going to be sexually assaulted by a group of men but ended up badly beaten. The guards found out who had harm Andy and punished the inmate for it by placing him in the hole and badly beaten him after he did his time in the hole.

What was the challenge of the prison warden in the movie? The challenge that Norton had in the prison was he had a money laundering system that was eventually going to catch up with him with the law. He had Andy doing work for him with the money laundering, shining his shoes, and doing his laundry. An inmate name Tommy Williams was killed by the warden because he told the truth to Andy on how some other inmate in another prison confessed on a murder he did that was connected to Andy’s case. Andy wanted to prove that he was innocent to the warden.

Norton felt he was going to lose Andy and his service that he was doing so he threaten Andy that he would take everything away if he did not corroborate. What were the living conditions in the prison was like in the movie? Compare these conditions to modern day prisons in the states. The prisoners had their own cell (one man cell) with a bed, toilet and sink. The new prisoners were being taunted every time the prison would receive new inmates “new fish” coming on a bus. They were able to watch movies, play baseball outside during recreational time, the prisoners all showered together; no separate stalls for showers.

They had a consisting routine life and they would do anything that will keep their mind busy. These conditions are the same with some of the prison systems in the state. Describe any form of prison violence that appeared in the movie. What are their causes? In the Shawshank Redemption like any other prison system there were aggression with inmate to inmates and inmates to guards. An example, Brookes went crazy and pulled a knife on an inmate for saying something about Brookes getting out of prison.

He was trying to commit another crime so he would not have to be released to society. Brooke spent most of his life in prison; he served a 50year jail sentence. Andy was being sexually abused by a group of inmates every so often. The causes of these violence in prison is that with the guards they see it as a form of punishment and inmates they feel like they need to protect themselves from anyone who will harm them. Were there any methods employed that tried to reduce prison violence? Some methods were being place in the hole or taking away incentives.