Animal Farm, A Fairy Tale Essay Sample

Do you believe that George Orwell compared the animate beings to the people in Russian History right? Orwell did a good occupation at comparing the animate beings to the people in the novel “Animal Farm. A Fair Tale. He uses facts about the individual to specify the carnal characters.

Boxer represented the on the job category because he is a cart-horse. Boxer has unbelievable strength ; he is besides dedicated to work. One of Boxer’s slogans are “I will work harder” . Boxer ever thinks that he can work harder and that is what he does. Boxer respect Napoleon. Boxer’s other slogan is that “Napoleon is ever right” . He thinks that whatever Napoleon says is right merely because he is in charge. His trueness plays a cardinal function in the completion of the windmill.

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Clover is the character that represents the on the job category. Clover is a charitable female cart-horse. Boxer isn’t every bit strong as Boxer. but she is dedicated. Clover isn’t seeing good because she said that “My sight is failing” to Benjamin because she couldn’t see the Seven Commandments. Clover besides thinks that they could be treated better. She said “ If I had any image of the hereafter. it would be a society of animate beings set free from hungriness and whip. all equal. each working harmonizing to his capacity. the strong protecting the weak. Clover is intelligent plenty to surmise the hogs for go againsting one or more of the Seven Commandments.

Mollie is the Equus caballus that pulls Mr. Jones passenger car. Mollie represents the petit middle class that fled from Russia a few old ages after the Russian Revolution. Mollie represents the category of people that people who are unwilling to conform to the new government. Mollie missed sugar regular hexahedrons because she asked “Will at that place be sugar regular hexahedrons after the rebellion” . Mollie missed the sugar cubes Mr. Jones gave her and she besides misses the threads that he used to set on her heard before the animate beings ran him out of the barn.

The characters Boxer and Clover represented the on the job category because they both were cart-horses and they both are dedicated to their work. Mollie represents the people that didn’t want to be caught up in the muss that the other animate beings were in.