Favorite Fairy Tale from Childhood Essay Sample

When I was a kid. each flushing my female parent would read from the novels of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. by L. Frank Baum. The usual bedtime modus operandi was filled with expectancy of that fanciful universe of admiration. escapade. and exhilaration in which I would shortly be enthralled. The one time yearly-televised gesture image based on the narrative. contributed greatly to my love for the fairy narrative. The music and bright colourss in the movie confirmed all the different images I envisioned while listening intently to my female parent read. She would do us a large batch of Zea mays everta. and I was allowed to remain up past my bedtime in order to watch the full film. These memories of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz evoke feelings of joy that remind me of precious minutes spent with my female parent. The narrative portrays an archetypical journey to a charming land of colourful characters that embark on a pursuit between good and evil. Some of the specific character originals depicted in the narrative include the chief character. Dorothy. who is the hero. the Good Witch. Glinda. as her wise man. and the Wicked Witch as the Villain. Dorothy finds herself in a unusual land. really different from her ain.

She expresses her astonishment as she foremost gazes upon the land crying to her small Canis familiaris. “I don’t think were in Kansas any longer. Toto! ” She accidently makes enemies with the Wicked Witch of the West when her house lands on and kills the Wicked Witch’s sister. The Witch besides wants to claim her sister’s charming slippers. which Glinda has rewarded to Dorothy. She makes friends with the Munchkins. who proclaim her a hero for liberating them from the bondage of the Wicked Witch of the East. Dorothy must now happen her manner back place to Kansas. and is directed by Glinda to seek out the omniscient and powerful Wizard of Oz. Along her manner. she assembles a group of comrades whom all portion in their demand to seek out the Wizard’s aid. The scarecrow thinks he needs encephalons. the Tin Man thinks he lacks bosom. and the Lion wants some bravery. They must suppress the Wicked Witch of the West in order for the Wizard to allow their wants. They eventually win in get the better ofing the Wicked Witch. but find that the Wizard is a fraud. They shortly realize they ne’er needed the Wizard’s aid.

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They had ever had the ability to allow their ain wants. Glinda explains this when she tells Dorothy. “You have had the power to return place all along. ” The straw man asks Glinda. “Why didn’t you tell her this before? ” Glinda answers. “Because she wouldn’t have believed me. She had to happen it out on her ain. ” Throughout the journey. the characters all learn to get the better of diffidence and insecurities by suppressing their frights and recognizing their capablenesss. Finding your manner place. bravery. mind. and bosom. are non things that can be given to you by anyone. They are non sought externally. they are found within oneself. Dorothy reveals her lesson learned when she tells Glinda. “…if I of all time go looking for my heart’s desire once more. I won’t look any further than my ain backyard ; because if it isn’t at that place. I ne’er truly lost it to get down with. ” Many of the story’s characters in the film version play double functions that Dorothy interacts with. both in the Land of Oz and Kansas. She realizes this when she wakes up at place and says. “It must hold been a dream. You were at that place. and you were at that place. and you. excessively. ” while indicating to her friends at her bedside. The double functions help to confirm the moral significance of Dorothy’s lesson. Dorothy confirms this one last clip at the terminal of the narrative. as she gleefully exclaims. “There is no topographic point like place! ”