Chartered Accountant and Certified Accountant Essay Sample

Note: This is an article peculiarly for the pupils of Accountancy i. e. those who are taking up CA. ICMA. ACCA or any other relevant test. However. the techniques explained here can be used by campaigners for test other than accounting every bit good. 7 tips to go through tests

Bing a qualified Chartered Accountant ( CA ) . Certified Accountant ( ACCA. UK ) . Management Accountant ( CIMA. UK ) and Certified Internal Auditor ( CIA. USA ) . I consider that go throughing tests require a peculiar accomplishment set which is easy to larn. One of our instructors told us: You have whole life to analyze but merely six months to go through this paper. So. concentrate on understanding what tester wants. Here are 7 tips to assist every pupil base on balls test. based on my personal experience: 1. No restricting belief please

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– Remove the modification belief that you can’t base on balls. – If you believe you can go through or you believe you can non go through. you are right. – I have seen pupils under the feeling that tester is their enemy. Please don’t think so. Pass per centum might be low. but pupils do go through their tests. So. don’t think that you will be in a failure class of all time. 2. Understand the construction of paper

– First of all. understand the construction of paper – is at that place any Markss allotment for a peculiar subject? – Second. if there is Markss allotment. is examiner following it? The best thing to make is to reexamine the past five documents. – What is the cardinal subject i. e. examiner’s favourite? Is at that place any article by tester in the Students’ Accountant or any other relevant pupil magazine? Study that subject and fix for it. even if you don’t like it! 3. Taking notes

– Prepare for tests by manner of ‘notes’ which you can remember rapidly at the clip of taking test. This will assist in two mode. First. when you write. you are in better image of giving your head direction through written letters. Second. you can revise from your notes alternatively of opening the book when exam twenty-four hours is near. Here is my scheme for taking notes:
– Take a paper and turn it in landscape format. – Put three columns in landscape signifier.

– Once done. take outline of a chapter in smaller founts and the linguistic communication which you can easy understand. – Write slug points. of import constructs and key thoughts which you need to retrieve. – These notes should be used at the clip when paper is on caput and you need to revise whole topic in two to three hours. 4. Remembering / memorising cardinal thoughts and formulae – One of the cardinal thoughts to memorise thoughts e. g. expression. is to compose them in little charts and bent it in forepart of your bed. – See those formulae day-to-day before traveling to bed and lifting up. – Use different colorss and markers.

– Believe me. in my statistics paper. I was remembering the expression in the exact colors which I wrote on charts. 5. Exam pattern
– Practice mock test – be your ain tester. – Take any past paper and work out it as a mock test. – Solve past paper in the clip allocated in test. Think you are in exam hall and work out the paper consequently. – Check your paper and give yourself Markss. – See how are you executing in mock test and be sincere to yourself. 6. Clock your paper

– Here is technique to clip your paper: Take entire Markss and entire clip. Subtract 10 proceedingss from the entire proceedingss. Divide the balance with the Markss and you get clip per Markss – illustration: If there are 100 Markss for a paper and you have 180 proceedingss. Subtract 10 proceedingss. This means you have 170 proceedingss wholly or 1. 7 proceedingss per grade. – make certain that you don’t pass more that 1. 7 proceedingss per grade e. g. if a inquiry is of 10 Markss. maximal clip you should pass should be 17 proceedingss. – It happens that pupils try to concentrate on one peculiar inquiry and if they are unable to work out it. they get confused. Don’t terror. Start following inquiry. If pupil has clip. he / she can take up that peculiar inquiry subsequently on. – Try to apportion 10 proceedingss at the terminal of test to reexamine the paper exhaustively. 7. Don’t annoy tester

See for spelling mistakes and composing manner. Writing demands to be legible and apprehensible. As a instructor to many pupils. I have noticed that spelling mistakes and the manner pupils write. at times. is non apprehensible. Examiner has really less clip to look into paper. If your paper is examiner friendly. you are traveling to pull good Markss. In 2004. I made a presentation on scrutiny techniques at one of the seminars organized by ACCA. Here is the PDF version of the presentation: