Compare & Contrast – College Essay Sample

Colleges have so many different options available. so contracting it down to the ‘right’ pick for you may be hard. There are public and private schools. and within each option. there are many different things to see ; the cost of tuition. the location of the school. and the assortment of plans available. In Minnesota. there are over 200 post-secondary options ; two of the biggest schools are the University of Minnesota ( U of M ) . which is a public school. and the University of St. Thomas. which is private.

The tuition cost between public and private colleges varies from school to school. The University of Minnesota has an estimated tuition rate between $ 11. 456 ( Crockston location ) up to $ 15. 885 ( Graduate at Duluth location ) . The University of Minnesota has five different locations including Morris. Duluth. Crockston. Rochester and the Twin Cities. The tuition rate is different for all four schools and besides different for undergraduates and alumnuss. The estimated tuition rate for St. Thomas is $ 31. 722 a twelvemonth. These Numberss include the tuition costs and other fees that apply when being a pupil at each location. although they do non include any life costs or any costs that may use to pupils enrolled in any particular plans.

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Another fee to believe about when using for colleges in the application fee. although most of the clip it is a smaller fee. it is something to take into consideration. The University of Minnesota’s application fee is $ 55. Along with the application fee you need to include a accomplished application for the current twelvemonth. high school and any other attended college’s transcripts. and your ACT/SAT tonss. The University of St. Thomas no longer charges an application fee. but you do necessitate to include your high school’s and any other colleges that you attended transcripts. a writing sample. Dean of Students signifier. and you may include your ACT/SAT tonss and letters of recommendation.

Another thing to take into consideration when choosing your school would be the cost of life. Depending on your lifestyle and different activities that you may be enrolled in. the cost is traveling to change. so these are merely estimations. At the University of Minnesota the estimated cost is $ 2. 274 for a dual room and $ 1. 726 for a individual room on campus. this figure besides includes a 14 hebdomad repast program. It is recommended that you allow yourself $ 1000 per semester for excess costs and personal usage. Off campus life is estimated to be $ 619 for a two sleeping room populating infinite per pupil. per semester. The Department of Agriculture estimates it to be $ 249 per month for nutrient per 9 month academic twelvemonth. The University of St. Thomas has an estimated on campus room/residential disbursal of $ 5. 546. Indirect costs of $ 4. 085 are besides to be expected. Indirect costs include books. supplies. transit. personal disbursals. and assorted fees. You will besides necessitate to account for nutrient disbursals. St. Thomas offers different repast program options. runing in monetary values from $ 1. 490 to $ 1. 020 per semester. So these are all things to believe about when doing your choice.

Depending on what you want to travel to school for. and what plan you are looking for will depend on which school you want to go to. Looking online and bespeaking farther information will assist you acquire a better expression at the different plans offered per school that you are interested in. The University of Minnesota has different plans offered at all five locations. Another option to take into consideration would be the online classs. Some of the classs offered between these five locations and the online option are Accounting. Anthropology. Child Psychology. Interior Design. Journalism. Retail Merchandising. Sociology. Sports Management. and Youth Studies. There are many different big leagues and bush leagues offered for undergraduate and alumnus degrees. Doctors and Masterss for some options are available as good. The University of St. Thomas besides has many different options available.

Some of the big leagues and bush leagues include Art History. Biology. Business. Criminal Justice. Education. Engineering. Physics. Social Work. and Urban Studies. besides offered to Undergraduate and Graduate degrees. University of St. Thomas offers little category sizes and an expansive scope of categories. In today’s universe colleges have offered us many different picks with post-secondary options. Deciding if you want to travel with a public or private option is a good pick to do to contract your choice down. In this paper. I have pinpointed two of the largest colleges in Minnesota [ University of Minnesota and University of St. Thomas ] and giving you a closer expression when it comes to doing your post-secondary instruction pick. While there are many different things to believe about when using for colleges. three of chief things to see are the tuition costs. the location of the school you are interested in. and the plans that your school offers. Good fortune doing your determination.