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CrimeThere are many factors that play a function in offense today. Everyone does non perpetrate offense. Two cardinal factors of whom commit offense lies in societal position and age.Social position has a major function with offense. The rich are less likely to perpetrate violent offenses. Yet, rich are more likely to perpetrate white-collar offenses for illustration, peculation. Rich people are in the place where white-collar offenses are easier to perpetrate. A bank agent has a better chance to defalcate than a migratory worker does. The lower income people are non normally good educated and unable to acquire a good paying occupation. So they try to acquire in front by stealing and perpetrating violent offenses. In every societal category offense is committed but the lower income categories are more likely to perpetrate violent and theft crimes.How many times has a seventy-year-old adult male gone into a bank and robbed it? That does non go on excessively frequently. The age group, 16 to 24 keep the highest rate of felons, harmonizing to the Uniform Crime Report. Federal Bureau of Investigation receives and compiles records from over 16 thousand constabulary sections in order to do up the Uniform Crime Report. Th

e 16 to 24 age groups is less mature ; they are still immature and want to populate their life. Their life manner, like traveling out to bars and parties put them in state of affairss where it is easy to acquire in battles and do belongings harm. This age group besides has a batch of equal force per unit area to make hazardous material. For illustration, they might travel to some enemy s house and vandalise their auto or they might interrupt some Windowss on the house.

Normally the 16 to 24s are non economically setup and do non hold stable high paying occupations. It is difficult for a high school pupil or person with merely a high school sheepskin to acquire a well paying occupation particularly if they are seeking to travel to school. Most of the well paying occupations want a college grade. They do petty crimes to assist them acquire by ; for illustration they might steal a couple dollars from some fast nutrient topographic point they are working at. Not everyone in this age group is a condemnable but 16 to 24 groups hold the highest rate of criminals.So if person sees an eighty-year-old adult male taking off with a stolen Television, they need to take a image, because it is a rare chance. Social position and age are cardinal factors with who commit offenses.