Individual Program Planning and Evaluation Paper Essay Sample

Introduction – The intent of the enterprise is to make an intercession plan for adolescent males who commit maltreatment and force against dating partners/girlfriends. The plan will set up linkages with bureaus that provide services to beat-up women/females. schools. tribunals. and juvenile probation sections.

I. Categorization of dating force and maltreatment
a. Define dating – physical contact between persons holding any romantic or sexual brush. whether these brushs are encouraged or forced. B. Define abuse – a form of physical control directed toward an person. The maltreatment can affect verbal. emotional. physical. and sexual assault. c. Define victim – are dating comrades or females subjected to verbal. emotional. physical. or sexual maltreatment to include torment by an adolescent male.

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II. Target Population
a. Adolescent male between 12-18 old ages old.
b. Adolescent male with a keeping order against him.
c. Adolescent male that has committed an act of violence/abuse on a female dating victim.

III. Community Task Force
a. Establish a community undertaking force dedicated to dating force issues. B. Invite pertinent stakeholders to community undertaking force meetings.

IV. Adolescent Case Management
a. Communication with juvenile probation section.
B. Supply studies to parents/guardians sing adolescents’ attending and engagement.

V. Parent outreach development
a. Form partnerships between intercession plans. parents. the stripling and the community.
B. Conduct orientation instruction Sessionss for parents/guardians.

VI. Educational constituent
a. Adolescent designation. confrontation and alteration of opprobrious and commanding behaviours toward victims.
B. Designation and treatment of the effects of force and maltreatment on victims.
c. Confronting excuses for maltreatment given by the striplings.
d. Identification of cultural and societal influences that contribute to opprobrious behaviour
e. Provide Sessionss devoted to subjects such as substance maltreatment. decision-making accomplishments. safe sex. and arms. f. Intense treatments and duologue about the long-run effects for committers of dating violence/abuse.