Inventory System Essay Sample

Many companies are utilizing stock list systems for their success and growing. Inventory systems have a assortment of maps that have purpose in concerns. Promoting the gross revenues and shrinking control are two chief maps of stock list system. Promoting the gross revenues map trades with handiness of sufficient merchandises for the clients whereas shrinking control map trades with supervising the happening of harm loss. or larceny. etc. of the merchandises. A company must hold a powerful stock list system in order to oversee the company’s stock list. Conducting an stock list is one of the critical operations of the company. assemblage informations is of import to maintain the company more updated in their merchandises. A manual stock list system is more hard to carry on. It requires more clip. more attempt to carry on. It will do the processing of informations or updating the records slower and burdensome for the people involved. The proposed system will extinguish some of hard undertakings. minimising them into smaller manageable jobs to work out.

Background of the Survey:
An stock list system is a procedure whereby a concern keeps path of the goods and stuff it has available. It can be done manually by a count at the terminal of each twenty-four hours. In this manner it is possible to maintain a record of the goods coming into the concern and goods being sold. DCRN Sari-Sari shop is the 1 that we want to do a system. The concern is about 3 old ages. It sells food markets. can goods. rice. and even nails. prison guard and many more. It is an all in-one hardware and convenience shop. As clip base on balls by. the concern becomes progressive. Inventory System gives concern proprietors a convenient manner of look intoing out the handiness of the merchandise for clients. Almost all concern houses. schools and other establishments. computing machines have important impact in their plants. Peoples rely on computing machine for efficient and effectual
manner to manage different tonss and undertaking most particularly for concern who are working with gross revenues and take stocking like DCRN shop for its high opportunity of losing merchandises. delayed information and monolithic entrance of stocks.

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Problems and Opportunities:
The stock list in this shop has relied on their pens and documents. As clip goes by. jobs such as losing merchandises. delayed information procedure and incorrect stock information has arisen. Furthermore. some could non be able to manage the monolithic entrance of stocks. Under their manual system. it takes a batch of clip to procedure. The system is developed specially to run into the demands of any shop like DCRN.

Envisioned Solution
We will traveling to make a system that has an easy user interface. user log in. position all its merchandises and its belongingss. attention deficit disorder merchandises. edit. delete. print and hunt the merchandise and notifies the user how many merchandises are left in the shop.