Personal Leisure Inventory Essay Sample

Leisure and diversion is an of import portion in everyone’s twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. If you look at a typical individuals agenda. they sleep for 8 hours and work/go to school for 8 hours. What does a individual do for the remainder of the 8? This is where leisure and diversion boots in. Leisure is clip spent off from work. concern. or school and diversion is a specific activity done in leisure clip. I will be sharing my ain leisure stock list which include my current leisure activities. the benefits I get from them and how frequent I do them. . Then I will speak about my leisure demands and the program I will prosecute in order to carry through my ends. Current Leisure Activities| Anticipated Leisure Benefits| Frequency of Involvement| Working out at gym| Physical. wellness. social| 1 hour/day| Playing Basketball| Physical. wellness. social| 8 hours/week| Bhangra ( Dancing ) | Physical. wellness. societal. cultural| 6 hours/ week| Hanging out with friends| Social. cultural| 3 hours/day| Watching TV/Playing Video Games| Social| 2 hours/day|

Types of Engagement
Reflecting back upon my tabular array of personal leisure stock list. I can see that I am presently engaged in a batch of physical. wellness and societal leisure activities. Working out at the gym. playing hoops. and dancing are all built-in parts of my life and the physical and wellness benefits I get from them are astonishing. All my leisure activities are societal benefits every bit good as each activity I have listed requires me to be societal. A twosome of my activities besides give me cultural benefits every bit good. Hanging out with friends is a great cultural benefit because depending on which friends you are with you adapt to the civilization environing them. Or in my instance I have a sense of different civilization when I am with my friends. Besides. dancing gives me immense cultural benefit because the dance I do is a cultural dance. Having a squad of 12 adds to the benefit because we are bulk all the same ethnicity and can associate to one another.

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Cultural benefits is likely the most of import benefits I need as I am really proud of where I am from and desire to maintain my heritage traveling for future coevalss in my household. Due to this. I feel I need to get down passing more clip on faith. I feel I am losing religious benefits which I can associate to every bit good. I am really religious individual and have been following my faith since I was small. I believe the ideas and the manner I view this universe is all due to my faith and hence should get down passing more leisure clip on that. I would besides wish to pass more clip on mental benefits. Traveling to university is non a leisure activity. but merely to derive general cognition and instruction. I want to get down reading books and newspapers more in my leisure clip. Reading is really beneficiary for the head and besides helps people maintain up to day of the month with current intelligence occurring in the universe. So religious and mental activities are my personal ends which intend to prosecute.

Leisure Goals

As determined from my personal leisure stock list. I concluded that I have extra societal. wellness and physical leisure clip. I spend 56 hours a hebdomad on societal leisure activity and 21 hours on physical activity and 21 hours on wellness activities. I had determined that my ends were to increase my leisure activity clip on religious benefits and mental benefits. Therefore they are 2 of my ultimate leisure ends. Religious activity is likely my chief end. I will accomplish this by puting a short term end and a long term end. My short term end is to get down praying one time a twenty-four hours and get down reading more about my faith. This end will be implemented right off and will finally take to my long term end which is traveling to the temple one time a hebdomad and get down making yoga or speculation. These are long term ends because they will take clip to acquire to. Obviously I go to university and I don’t have entree to a temple in Guelph. but that is why it is a long term program so that I could be after my end out. I believe a batch of people miss out on activities and preferable leisure activities because they are non available locally or they cost money. Therefore planning will hold to take topographic point.

This is really good to me because I have ever been near to my faith but have ne’er had the chance to move upon it. This end will assist me make that and will give me satisfaction and complete my ultimate end. My other ultimate leisure end is to get down reading more. Reading for me is defined as newspapers. columns. columns. article. or books. My short term end is to get down reading the newspaper every forenoon. This would be really good to me in my sentiment because I am in a concern plan and reading about concern intelligence will further heighten my general cognition. Along with newspaper. I can read articles online or columns every bit good. This will hopefully take me to my long term. end of reading books. These books will include anything from fiction to non-fiction to historical to modern twenty-four hours genres. The latter 2 will increase my consciousness of the history and events that have taken topographic point and things that are traveling on in today’s universe. I find this really good because for me. cognizing about history is of import and maintaining up to day of the month in today’s universe is besides of import.

Therefore this will take to my ultimate end of being more mentally active in my leisure clip. Looking back at my societal. wellness. and physical activities I can see that a majority of my clip during the hebdomad is allocated to them. To increase clip in religious and mental activities I will hold to cut down on those 3. Approximately 56 hours on societal and 21 on wellness and physical. Therefore 11 hours a twenty-four hours in my life are spent on these. I can cut a important part off because I feel I already have adequate clip allocated to them. For illustration. If I cut down 56 societal activity hours to 40. I get trim clip to give to spiritual or mental activity. The same goes for physical and wellness. This is how I will apportion my excess clip and hopefully make my leisure ends.

In decision. I feel that I have sufficient activity in my life and hit on 3 truly good facets which I enjoy in societal leisure activity. healthy leisure activity. and physical leisure activity. Although they are equal. my ultimate leisure ends are to increase religious and mental leisure activity. This of class will be done by praying and reading about my faith and reading books to increase my cognition in both activities. I hope I will accomplish these and do it in a mode that will non negatively affect my leisure clip in other facets.