My Home by Jose Rizal Essay Sample

“Vicente Barrantes’ Teatro Tagalo”
“Una Profanacian” ( A Profanation )
“Verdades Nuevas” ( New Truths )

in memory of my town
1. my first inspiration
2. Cupid patrio
3. a La juventud filipina

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My First Inspiration
Why falls so rich a spray
of aroma from the arbors
of the balmy flowers
upon this gay twenty-four hours?

Why from forests and valleies
do we hear sweet steps pealing
that seem to be the vocalizing
of a choir of Luscinia megarhynchoss?

Why in the grass below
make birds get down at the wind’s noises.
unleashing their honied voices
as they hop from bough to bough?

Why should the spring that glows
its crystalline mutter be tuning
to the zephyr’s mellow crooning
as among the flowers it flows?

Why seems to me more endearing.
more just than on other yearss.
the dawn’s enrapturing face
among ruddy clouds looking?

The ground. dear female parent. is
they feast your twenty-four hours of bloom:
the rose with its aroma.
the bird with its harmoniousnesss.

And the spring that rings with laughter
upon this joyful twenty-four hours
with its mutter seems to state:
‘Live merrily of all time after! ’

And from that spring in the grove
now turn to hear the first note
that from my luting I emote
to the urge of my love.

To the Filipino Youth
By Dr. Jose Rizal

Hold high the forehead serene.
O young person. where now you stand ;
Let the bright shininess
Of your grace be seen.
Fair hope of my homeland!
Come now. 1000 mastermind expansive.
And convey down inspiration ;
With thy mighty manus.
Swifter than the wind’s misdemeanor.
Raise the eager head to higher station.
Come down with delighting visible radiation
Of art and scientific discipline to the battle.

O young person. and there untie
The ironss that heavy prevarication.
Your spirit free to plague.
See how in flaring zone
Amid the shadows thrown.
The Spaniard’a sanctum manus
A crown’s resplendent set
Suggestions to this Indian land.

Thou. who now wouldst rise
On wings of rich emprise.
Seeking from Olympic skies
Songs of sweetest strain.
Softer than ambrosian rain ;
Thou. whose voice Godhead
Rivals Philomel’s chorus
And with varied line

Through the dark benign
Frees mortality from hurting ;
Thou. who by crisp discord
Wakest thy head to life ;
And the memory bright
Of thy genius’ visible radiation
Makest immortal in its strength ;

And 1000. in speech patterns clear
Of Phoebus. to Apelles beloved ;
Or by the brush’s charming art
Takest from nature’s shop a portion.
To fig it on the simple canvas’ length ;
Go Forth. and so the sacred fire
Of thy mastermind to the laurel may draw a bead on ;

To distribute around the celebrity.
And in triumph acclamation.
Through wider spheres the human name.
Day. O happy twenty-four hours.
Fair Filipinas. for thy land!
So bless the Power to-day
That places in thy manner
This favour and this fortune expansive!

IN MEMORY OF MY TOWN –Un Recuerdo A Mi Pueblo
By: Jose Rizal

When early childhood’s happy yearss
In memory I see one time more
Along the lovely verdant shore
That meets a gently murmuring sea.
When I recall the susurration soft
Of breeze dancing on my forehead
With chilling sugariness. even now
New juicy life is born in me.

When I behold the lily white
That sways to make the wind’s bid.
While gently kiping on the sand
The stormy H2O remainders awhile ;
When from the flowers at that place quietly breathes
A corsage of ravishingly sweet.
Out-poured the newborn morning to run into.
As on us she begins to mine.

With unhappiness I recall…recall
Thy face. in cherished babyhood.
Oh female parent. friend most beloved to me.
Who gave a life a fantastic appeal.
I yet recall a small town program.
My joy. my household. my blessing.
Besides the freshly cool laguna. –
The topographic point for which my bosom beats warm.

Ah yes! My footsteps insecure
In your dark woods profoundly sank ;
And there by every river’s bank
I found refreshment and delectation ;
Within that countrified temple prayed
With childhood’s simple religion unfeigned
While chilling zephyrs. pure. unstained.
Would direct my bosom on ecstatic flight.

I saw the Maestro in the magnificence
Of your ancient grey wood.
Ah. ne’er in your safety could
A person by regret be smitten ;
And while upon your sky of blue
I gaze. no love nor tenderness
Could fail. for here on nature’s frock
My felicity itself was written.
Ah. stamp childhood. lovely town.

Rich font of my felicitousnesss
Oh those harmonious tunes
Which put to flight all blue hours.
Come back to my bosom one time more!
Come back. soft hours. I yearn!
Come back as the birds return.
At the budding of the flowers!

Alas. farewell! Eternal vigil I keep
For thy peace. they bliss. and repose.
O Genius of good. so sort!
Give me these gifts. with charity.
To thee are my ardent vows –
To thee I cease non to suspire
These to larn and I call to the sky
To hold thy earnestness.

To the Young Women of Malolos
by Jose Rizal

When I wrote the Noli me tangere I pondered long on whether or non bravery was a common virtuousness of the immature adult females of the state. Though I searched my memory diligently. though I recalled one by one all the immature adult females I have known since childhood. merely a few conformed to the ideal I longed for. It is true that many were endowed with sweet temperament. beautiful wonts. soft manners. modestness but withal were mingled complete respect and obeisance to every work and petition of the alleged male parents of the psyche – as if the psyche had any other male parent but God – due to inordinate goodness. humbleness. or possibly ignorance. They are like shriveled workss. sowed and grown in darkness. Though they may blossom. their flowers are without aroma ; though they may bear fruit. their fruit has no juice. However. now that intelligence arrived here of what occurred in your town Malolos. I realized that I was incorrect. and my joy was beyond bounds. I should non be blamed. for I did non cognize the town of Malolos nor its immature adult females. except one Emilia and this one merely by name.

Now that you have responded to our fierce blare for public public assistance ; now that you have shown a good illustration to you fellow immature adult females who. like you. want to hold their eyes opened and to be lifted from their collapse. our hope is roused. now we are confident of triumph. The Filipino adult female no longer bows her caput and bends her articulatio genuss ; her hope in the hereafter is revived ; gone is the female parent who helps to maintain her girl in the dark. who educates her in self-contempt and moral obliteration. It is no longer the highest wisdom to bow the caput to every unfair order. the highest goodness to smile at an abuse. to seek consolation in low tear. You have found out that God’s bid is different from that of the priest. that piousness does non dwell in drawn-out kneeling. long supplications. big prayer beadss. dirty scapulars. but in good behavior. clean scruples and right thought. You have discovered that it is non goodness to be excessively obedient to every desire and petition of those who pose as small Gods. but to obey what is sensible and merely. because unsighted obeisance is the beginning of crooked orders and in this instance both parties sin.

The caput of the priest can non state that he entirely will be responsible for the incorrect order because God gave each one his ain head and his ain scruples so that he can separate between right and incorrect. All are born without ironss. free and no 1 can subject the will and spirit of another. Why would you subject to another your baronial and free idea? It is cowardice and an mistake to believe that unsighted obeisance is piousness and haughtiness to believe and reflect. Ignorance is ignorance and non goodness and award. God. fountain of wisdom. does non anticipate adult male. created in his image. to let himself to be fooled and blinded. The gift of ground with which we are endowed must be brightened and utilized. An illustration is the male parent who gave each of his boy a lamp to illume his manner in the darkness. Let them escalate its fire. take attention of it. non snuff out it to depend on the visible radiation of others. but to assist one another. seek each other’s advocate in the hunt of the manner. He is extremely stupid and he can be blamed if he stumbles in following person else’s visible radiation. and the male parent could state to him: “What for did I give you a lamp of your ain? ” But one who stumbles by following his ain visible radiation can non be greatly blamed because possibly his visible radiation is subdued or else the route is really bad.

The usual answer of those who want to gull others is this: He who depends on his ain ground is chesty. I believe that more chesty is he who wishes to subject another’s will and rule all work forces. More chesty is he who poses as God. who pretends to understand every manifestation of God’s will. And extremely chesty or profane is he who attributes to God everything he says and desires and makes his personal enemies the enemies of God. We ought non to depend on ourselves entirely. We should seek advice. listen to others and make what we believe to be the most sensible. The wont or the cassock does non add anything to a man’s acquisition. Even if the wild mountain climber is clothed in beds of wonts. he remains wild and he can non gull any other except the ignorant and the ill-willed. So that this can be proven. purchase a wont of St. Francis and put it on a carabao. It would be lucky that with the wont on. he does non go lazy. Le me go forth this topic and talk about another.

Young muliebrity. the baby’s room of fruitful flowers. ought to roll up wealths to will to its posterities. What could the offspring be of a adult female whose virtuousness is to murmur supplications. whose lone cognition is derived from awit. novena. prayer-books. marvelous narratives intended to gull work forces. with no other diversion but panguingue or frequent confessions of the same wickednesss. What boies would she hold but sextons. retainers of the minister of religion. or fans of cockfighting? The present captivity of our compatriots is the work of our female parents because of the absolute assurance of their loving Black Marias and of their great desire to better the batch of their kids. Adulthood is the fruit of childhood and childhood is in the lap of the female parent. The female parent who teaches nil else but how to kneel and snog the manus should non anticipate any other sort of kids but stupid 1s or laden slaves. A tree that grows in the quag is either visible radiation or merely fit for firewood. Of by opportunity there should be a bold 1. his daring is concealed and he will utilize it for evil. like the dazed chiropteran which can non forth until it is dusky.

The common answer is that foremost are piousness and love of God. But. what is the piousness that they have taught us? To pray and kneel a long clip. snog the manus of the priest. pass all the money on the church. and believe whatever occurs to them to state us. Chatter. indurate articulatio genuss. friction of the olfactory organ. . . . With the respect to church alms. utilizing God as the stalking-horse. is at that place anything in the universe which does non belong to and is the creative activity of God? What would you state to a retainer who gives to his maestro alms dwelling of a piece of shred borrowed from the same rich maestro? Who is the vain and foolish adult male who will give alms to God and believe that his suffering gift will dress the Creator of all things? Blessed is he who gives the needy. helps the hapless. and feeds the hungry. but cursed and blameworthy is he who is deaf to the prayers of the hapless. who stuffs those who are satiated. and lavishes his money on Ag hangings for the communion table. on alms of the church or the mendicant who is swimming in wealths. on Multitudes with music and projectiles. while he squeezes this money organize the castanetss of the hapless and offers it to the maestro with which to by the ironss to adhere him and to pay his executioners.

Oh. sightlessness and myopia. True piousness is obedience to what is right. go on what may. “Deeds and non words are what I ask of you” . said Christ. “He is non the boy of my male parent. my male parent. but her who lives harmonizing to the will of the male parent. ” Piety does non dwell in a worn-out nose nor in Christ’s replacement known for giving his manus to be kissed. He did non flesh out the rich and proud Scribe. He did non reference scapulars. he did non necessitate the erosion of prayer beadss. he did non inquire money for Masses. and he did non bear down for stating supplications. St. John did non inquire to be paid for baptising on the Jordan River nor Christ for prophesying. Why is it that now priests ask to be paid for every move they make? And still hungry. they sell scapulars. prayer beadss. belts. and other things to lure money and to ache the psyche ; because even if you wear a scapular all the shreds on Earth. wear as prayer beadss all the wood in the woods. gird around your waist all the tegument of animate beings and over all of them all the priests in the universe return strivings to do the mark of the cross and to murmur supplications. and scatter them with all the H2O of the sea. they can non cleanse the soiled bosom. they can non shrive the unrepentant of wickednesss.

Similarly. for their covetousness they forbid many things. such as eating meat. get marrieding one’s cousin. compadre. and the like. which nevertheless are permitted if one wages. Why. can God be bought and is He dazzled by money like the priests? The stealer who pays for a bull for compositioncan remainder assured that he has been forgiven. Therefore. God wants to partake of stolen goods? Is it true that God is so destitute that He imitates the carbineer or the civil guard? If this is the God that the mendicants worship. I turn my back to such a God. Let us be sensible and unfastened our eyes. particularly you adult females. because you are the 1s who open the heads of work forces. See that a good female parent is different from the one created by the mendicants. Raise your kids near to the image of the true God – the God who can non be bribed. the God who is non covetous. the God who is the male parent of all. who is non partial. the God who does non flesh out on the blood of the hapless. who does non joy at the plaint of the afflicted. and does non obfuscate the intelligent head.

Awaken and fix the head of the kid for every good and desirable thought – love for award. sincere and steadfast character. clear head. clean behavior. baronial action. love for one’s fellow work forces. regard for God – learn this to your kids. And because life is full of sorrows and hazards. strengthen their character against any trouble. beef up their Black Marias against any danger. The state should non anticipate award and prosperity so long as the instruction of the kids is faulty. so long as the adult females who raise the kids are enslaved and nescient. Nothing can be drunk in a turbid and acrimonious spring. No sweet fruit can be picked from a rancid seed. Important so are the responsibilities that adult females must carry through in order to alleviate the state of her agonies. but they are non beyond the strength and character of the Filipino adult female to execute. Everybody knows the power and the prudence of the adult females of the Philippines. Hence they blind them. concatenation them. weaken their spirit. so certain are they that so long as the female parent is a slave. all her kids can be enslaved besides. This is the ground of the captivity of Asia: the adult females of in Asia are nescient and laden. Europe and America are powerful because there the adult females are free and educated. their head is limpid and their character is strong.

We know that you lack informative books ; we realize that nil is injected into your head day-to-day except what will function to dip your built-in visible radiation. We are cognizant of all this so that we are endeavouring to do the visible radiation that is reflecting over your fellow adult females in Europe range you. If you will non be bored with these few words that we are traveling to state and you will read them. possibly no affair how thick the fog that envelops our state. the superb visible radiation of the Sun will perforate it and it will reflect nevertheless faintly. We shall non waver if you help us. God will assist us to chase away the mist for He is the God of Truth ; and the former glare of the Filipino adult female will be restored unrelieved. She lacks nil but a free head. for she had an surplus of goodness. Such is the yearning that is invariably in our ideas. that we dream of – the award of the adult female who is the spouse of our bosom. who portions our felicity and our bad luck. If she is a immature adult female. allow the immature adult male love her non merely for her beauty or the sugariness of her temperament but besides for the soundness of her character. her exalted thoughts that invigorate and encourage the weak and fearful adult male or arouse superb thoughts.

That she may be a immature adult female of whom the state can be proud. a immature adult female of who inspires regard. It is the common talk here among Spaniards and mendicants who came from there that the Filipino adult female is weak and nescient. as if all were weak because some have fallen ; as if in other states there were no adult females of weak character. whereas in fact the Filipino adult females possess more virtue than those of other states. However. the Spaniards and the mendicants who return to Spain. possibly because of the diarrhea of their linguas. broadcast foremost of all in print and by word of oral cavity. accompanied by cries. laughter and abuses that So and So was like that in the convent. like that to a Spanish house guest. and many other things that are annoying whenever we remember that many of the weaknesss are due to naivete . inordinate kindness. submission. or sightlessness. which is their work. There is a Spaniard here. who is now an of import personage. whom we fed and housed during the clip he was rolling about thePhilippines. Equally shortly as he came back to Spain. he had it published that
one time he sought cordial reception in Pampanga. He ate and kip at that place and the lady of the house was this and that to him.

This was how he returned the sort cordial reception of the lady. Likewise the returned mendicant regaled his Spanish companies with narratives about his obedient hand-kissers and other things accompanied with smilings and important blink of an eyes. In the book published by Mr. Sinbaldo de Mas and in other books written by mendicants are related the wickednesss confessed by adult females. which the mendicants did non maintain secret. telling them to their Spanish companies and embroidering them at times with unbelievable tall and obscene narratives. I can non reiterate her what a mendicant shamelessly told Mas he could non believe. Every clip we hear or read about these things we ask if the Spanish adult females are Holy Marys and all Filipino adult females are evildoers. However. if it should come to a point of settling histories and exposing. possibly. . . But allow me abandon the topic for I am non a male parent confessor nor a Spanish house-guest who destroys the award of his hosts. I lay this aside and go on associating the responsibilities of adult females. In states were adult females are respected as in the Philippines. they ought to acknowledge their true place so that they may be able to execute the responsibilities expected of them. An old usage was that when an pupil went wooing. he threw away everything – surveies. award. money – as if a immature adult females sowed nil but immorality.

The bravest when he got married. became a coward ; the coward became shameless. as if he were waiting merely to acquire married before proclaiming his ain cowardliness. The boy had no other alibi for his pusillanimousness except his concern for his female parent. and because of this he swallowed saddle sore. endured blows. obeyed the most crackbrained order. and he became an confederate of treasonists. It must be known that when no 1 flees. there will be nor pursuer ; if there are no little fish there will be no large 1s. Why does non a immature adult female ask of the adult male she is traveling to love for a baronial and honest name. a manful bosom that can allow him to be the male parent of slaves? Instill in his head activity. baronial behaviour. worthy sentiments. and don non give up your immature muliebrity to a weak and timid bosom. When she becomes a married woman. she should assist her hubby in every trouble. promote him. portion with him all hazards. console him and drive away his sufferings. ever bearing in head that a epic bosom can digest any agony and no bequest is acrimonious as the bequest of opprobrium and bondage. Teach your kids to guard and love their award. to love their fellowmen. their native land. and to execute their responsibilities.

State them repeatedly to prefer decease with award to life with dishonour. They should copy the adult females ofSparta and here I am traveling to mention some illustrations. When a female parent handed the shield to her boy who was traveling to war. this was all she said to him: “Bring this dorsum or they bring you back” . intending “You come back a master or you die” because it was the usage to throw away the shield of the fleeing vanquished warrior or convey back his cadaver on top of the shield. A female parent heard that her boy was killed in the war and the ground forces was defeated. She said nil but gave thanks that her boy had been saved from shame ; but when her boy came back alive. upon seeing him. she put on bereavement. A warrior told a female parent who had gone out to run into the returning heroes that her three boies had been killed in the war. “That is non what I am asking” . the female parent replied. “but. did we win or did we lose? ” The hero replied. “We won. ” If that is so. allow us give thanks to God! ” she said. and she went to the temple. Once a defeated male monarch of theirs hid in the temple for fright of popular outrage. The Spartans agreed to shut him up and hunger him. When they sealed the door. the female parent was the first to convey rocks.

These imposts were common among them and hence allGreeceSparta. no enemy was able to put pes on her dirt and no Spartan adult female of all time saw an enemy ground forces. respected the Spartan adult females. “Of all women” . remarked one. “only you Spartan adult females wield power over work forces. ” “Of course” . replied the Spartan adult females. “of all adult females we entirely give birth to existent work forces. ” Men. said Spartans are nor born to populate for themselves but for their state. So long as this mode of thought and this type of adult females prevailed in I do non anticipate to be believed because I say it. Many people do non esteem ground and truth. but the priest’s wont. grey hair. or deficiency of dentition. But if old age is venerable because of difficult experience. my past life though a short 1. dedicated to the public assistance of the state. besides has given me some experience. Far be it from me to oblige others to believe me. to feign to be a small God. a replacement of God. to anticipate people to take my word with closed eyes. bowed caput. and folded weaponries. What I ask is for all to believe. to reflect and chew over. investigate and displacement in the name of ground the following that I am traveling to province: First and foremost.

Some become unreliable because of cowardliness and carelessness of others. Second. Lack of self-respect and inordinate timidness invite contempt. Third. Ignorance is bondage. because like head. like adult male. A adult male without will of his ain is a adult male without personality. The blind who follows other’s sentiment is like a animal led by a hackamore. Fourth. One who wants to assist himself should assist others. because if he neglects others. he excessively will be neglected by them. One mid-rib is easy to interrupt. but non a package of many mid-ribs. tied together. Fifth. If the Filipino adult female will non alter. she should non be entrusted with the instruction of her kids. She should merely bear them. She should be deprived of her authorization in the place ; otherwise she may be inadvertently betray her hubby. kids. state and all. Sixth. Work force are born equal. naked. and without ironss. They were non created by God to be enslaved. neither were they endowed with intelligence in order to be misled. nor decorated with ground to be fooled by others. It is non pride to decline worship a fellow adult male. to edify the head. and to ground out everything. The chesty 1 is he who wants to be worshipped. who misleads others. and wants his will to predominate over ground and justness. Seventh. Analyze carefully the sort of faith taught you.

Find out if that is the bid of God or the instruction of Christ for relieving the agony of the hapless. for soothing those in hurting. See everything taught you. the purpose in every discourse. the implicit in ground for every Mass. novena. rosary. scapular. image. miracle. candle belt. and other things that are forced upon you. dinned daily into your ears and dangled before your eyes. and detect the beginning and their terminal. and so compare that faith with the pure faith of Christ. and see if your Christianity is non like the milking animate beings or like the hog that is being fattened. nor for its ain interest. but in order to see it at a monetary value and do money out of it. Let us reflect so. analyze our state of affairs. and ponder.

May these few loose lines serve as an assistance to your natural intelligence and enable you to continue along the way on which you have started. Tubo ko’y dakila SA puhunang pagod. and I shall welcome whenever may go on. the usual wages for anyone who dares to state the truth in our state. May you realize your desire to larn and may you non garner in the garden of cognition the green fruit but select what you pick. think about it. savor it before get downing it. for on the face of the Earth all are assorted and it is non unusual for the enemy to seed weeds together with the good seeds in the center of the field. This is the sincere want of your compatriot.