Rizal’s Noli and the Count of Monte Cristo Essay Sample

While watching Edmund Dantes on the film The Count of Monte Cristo. I can retrieve Simoun who was Crisostomo Ibarra’s camouflage in Dr. Jose Rizal’s novel. the El Filibusterismo. I merely found out that The Count of Monte Cristo was one of Rizal’s favourites. He certainly had a good clip reading Alexander Duma’s obra maestro that it even had a batch of similarities in his 2nd novel which was the El Filibusterismo.

In the movie. the chief character was Edmund Dantes who was an nonreader yet unconditioned rational adult male. He was approximately to acquire a great hereafter being the captain of the ship they were aboard with and he won’t be waiting for two old ages to get married his keen fiancee. Mercedes. But due to Danglar. Villefort and Fernand’s treachery. the promising hereafter of Dantes immediately went gone when he was imprisoned in Chateau d’If. I can happen some resemblance with this character of Dante alighieris in Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere in the presence besides of the chief character in the novel who was Crisostomo Ibarra. Ibarra would besides hold expansive chances like get marrieding Maria Clara. constructing the school which he ever wanted and even forgiving the enemies of his male parent yet all of these went gone when the mendicants denounced him. But merely one of the characters’ differences is that Ibarra was educated and rich while Dantes was illiterate and hapless though he gained wisdom with the aid of the priest in Chateau d’If subsequently in the film.

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Dante alighieris escaped from prison when he laid in a involute mat as if he was the dead priest while Ibarra escaped through the aid of Elias. It was like they were helped by their friends it is merely that Dantes was helped indirectly by the decease of the priest. Both characters were presumed by their lovers as dead because it was what their surrounding people told them. Maria Clara was engaged to Linares while Mercedes married Fernand. In this portion of the narrative. Rizal and Duma twisted the narrative in a different manner. In Noli Me Tangere. Maria Clara was to be married to a new character yet she insisted and decided to be a nun because if non granted she will perpetrate self-destruction. In The Count of Monte Cristo. Mercedes married the best friend-turned-to-be-enemy of Dantes who was Fernand because she was pregnant with Dantes’ boy and Fernand without cognizing this until subsequently in the film.

Last and I should state the most noticeable resemblance of the two novels is that both supporters disguised for their retaliation and possessing more cognition. wealth. and resourcefulness upon their return. After their retribution to those who turned their lives into torments. they both realized that make up one’s minding retaliation is a dish best eaten cold.