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The film about Jose Rizal that was re – enacted by Cesar Montano features the life events that happened to Rizal and besides characteristics cuttings from his two plants viz. : Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo and was re – enacted by Joel Torre and besides have how he was executed to decease and how the Katipuneros seek retaliation for him. I appreciate how it was filmed because it features how the Spanish Government treated the Filipinos in a manner that they are degrading them. With that. Rizal was inspired to compose those plants to uncover the folly of the Spanish Government.

The two novels he made demo the full state or the whole Filipino community during that clip. Noli Me Tangere. his first work that revealed the folly of the Spanish Government. shows the hapless status of the Filipinos and the authorities of mendicants. that they use the Catholic faith to pattern wealth and power. Discrimination. anguish. force. unequal rights. high revenue enhancements. corruptness. instability of the colonial authorities. etc. was noted by Dr. Jose Rizal. The book was prohibited when the functionaries discovered it. It is because the novel attacks the church and the authorities. For that. Rizal was excommunicated. Through that work. many Filipinos were enlightened and inspired ; for the first clip. his work served as the best manner to populate the national sentiment. Many organisations and work stoppages happened and conducted. like the Katipunan which was led by Andres Bonifacio.

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El Filibusterismo. his 2nd book. one time once more. had shaken the Spaniards because the book affected greatly towards them. Unlike in his first book. Simon Ibarra here now fights for the Filipino. Soon after his tactics. he was shot by the Spanish Officials and was so committed self-destruction. In both of his books. Crisostomo Ibarra and Simon Ibarra were both characterize by Jose Rizal as he is.

Through his plants and Hagiographas. Jose Rizal was able to touch the Filipino bosom and made him a hero. No one except him had a great impact against the Spaniards and the Filipinos.

It is besides in this movie where Rizal was introduced to Luis Taviel. a Spanish Officer which was played by Jaime Fabregas. who has been appointed to support him at his test. At first. Luis Taviel mistrusts Rizal and views him as a unsafe revolutionist who seeks retaliation because of his plants that shaken the Spanish Government. Most of the scenes in the film takes topographic point in Rizal’s prison cell and involves Luis Taviel facing him about his life. There are flashbacks about Rizal’s life but some of them are flashbacks to his novels. Learning everything about Rizal. Luis Taviel learns to esteem him and decided to make his best occupation in supporting him.

During the prosecution. Luis Taviel tried supporting him but failed to make so because of the Spaniards believe that Rizal is a Filibuster and will seek retaliation against them through the Katipuneros. The executing for Rizal was set on December 30. 1896. Taviel told Rizal that he is ashamed to be a Spaniard because of what had happened in the prosecution.

The dark before his decease. Rizal was confronted by his ain character Simoun from his fresh El Filibusterismo. Simoun urges Rizal to rewrite him so that his mission can be for a higher intent. And so in his concluding work. Rizal pens “Mi Ultimo Adios” cognizing full well that his decease will illume the torch of the Filipino Revolution.

December 30. 1896. the twenty-four hours of his decease. shows how Rizal was executed to decease and how justness did non predominate over him because the Spaniards believe that Rizal was. through his plants ; fight them by uncovering all of their folly over Filipinos and how they dominate the Filipinos. It was when. after he died. the “Katipuneros” battle for him by seeking retaliation over the Spaniards and the Spanish Government.

Both this movie and his plants are recommended to pupils who would wish to cognize more about Rizal and how he has fought for justness and how in the terminal. did non seek for retaliation against to those who degrade the Filipinos. Though about all of the scenes in the film are non to be seen because of sensitive subjects like tormenting and killing. it is still extremely recommended to us pupils who likes to cognize more about Rizal. Sing both of his plants which features the folly of the Spanish Government. it is besides recommended for pupils to read them because. although they have non watch the movie. the pupils can still visualise how the Spaniards treated and dominated the Filipinos.