Napoleon Bonaparte Essay Research Paper Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte Essay, Research Paper

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Dan Darouvar


History 10


Napolen Bonaparte was born in 1769 and died in 1821. Napoleon was a

military mastermind for the trueness of his military personnels, and for his dramatic triumphs.

The many alteration of the authorities in France, against the background of war,

made possible the rise of a military dictator. Since childhood, Napoleon was

taught stratagies and tactics to assist him win through conflicts. At the age

of 15, he entered the progress military school, the Ecole Militaire in Paris.

Napoleon was promoted to a general at the age of 20 four, where he was put

in charge of the Italian runs. After suppressing most of the Italian

Penninsula, Napoleon gained the support of the authorities and earned the

regard of Sieyes and Tallyrand. They identified Napoleon as their strong adult male

in the Coup of Brumaire.

In 1799, Napoleon introduced a absolutism to convey order to the pandemonium

in France. He instituted many reforms, for illustration in the civil service and

exchequer. He guaranteed the Frence people equality and fraternity. In exchange,

he took away their autonomy. Another reform was the creative activity of the national

eduction system. This was a pleasant add-on because it adds cognition to the

Empire. Another was a knew fundamental law, in this he presented to the populace in

a plebiscite that required them either to accept to the full his version or to let

him to regulate without the limitations of a degree Celsius

onstitutions. This was a lose,

lose state of affairs for the people. The support of the ground forces was a major factor in

his successful absolutism. Napoleon put the three consuls in charge of the

new executive subdivision in which he was the first consul.

Napoleon besides introduced many foreign policies. One was the Continental

system, this forbade the impotation of British goods into Europe. In Thursday foremost

alliance, England joined with Austria and Prussia. The Gallic was deafeated

because of their embarrasing loss in the Mediterranean. They lost most of their

supplies which doomed theur opportunities for a triumph. Austria alianced with Russia

and England to organize the 2nd alliance. This war was concluded by a brief

interval of peace, which lasted from 1801 to 1803. A 3rd alliance was formed

by an aliance between England, Austria, and Russia. The Gallic were conquered

at sea, but with perseverence, successfully dominated at land. After their

licking, the Frence ground forces became unbeatable. This shortly came to an terminal after

the Gallic were embarrased in the invasion of Russia. Of the 600,000 military personnels

that entered Russia, 400,000 died and 100,000 were taken captive.

The biggest factor in the diminution of Napoleon was his licking in Russia.

England, Prussia, Russia, and Austria joined forces to get down the war of

release. In this conflict, Napoleon was forced to give up when her was

attacked from all sides by his enemies. By footings of the resignation, Napoleon was

forced give up the throne. In his topographic point, Louis XVIII took over the throne.