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Napoleon Bonaparte Essay, Research Paper

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Napoleon Bonaparte

On November 9-10 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte and his co-workers joined

together a confederacy against the authorities. They seized power and established

a new system. Bonaparte and others were known as the Consulate. Bonaparte, as

foremost consul, had about absolute regulation. He became emperor in 1804. Thus,

altering Europeans society from a monarchy to a dictatorship signifier of


As emperor, Bonaparte won several conflicts for Europe. He helped the

society of France, lifting all categories of society such as the Middle Class. Bonaparte

was really liked in Europe.

While in regulation, the Code Napoleon was established as jurisprudence. Feudalism and

serfhood were abolished, and freedom of faith was established. Each province was

granted a fundamental law. Schools were put a centralised authorities, doing all

public schools free of charge. He besides established universities, postal offices, and


In 1812, Bonaparte launched an invasion of Russia that ended in a retreat

from Moscow. After that, all of Europe united against him. He continued to

battle, but it was impossible. On April 1814, his United States Marshals Services refused to fight.

Napoleon suggested a demotion, where his boy would take over. It was non

R / & gt ;

allowed and he was exiled to the Mediterranean island of Elba.

Bonaparte was determined to do a semen back. In March 15, he escaped

from Elba, went to France, and marched in Paris. He won over the military personnels sent to

gaining control him. Bonaparte promoted a new democratic fundamental law, and everyone

fled to back up him. He wanted peace in Europe, he asked his Alliess if they could

merely accommodate their difference, they all declined his offer. After that, Bonaparte

idea it would be best if Europe was the first to strike. Bonaparte could non

follow through with this thought. In Belgium, which ended in licking at the Battle of

Waterloo on June 18, 1815. Europeans withdrew their support for Bonaparte.

He reached Rochefort, where he surrended to the captain of British battlewagon

Bellerophon. He was so exiled to an island in the South Ocean, called Saint

Helena. He remained at that place until his decease in May 5, 1821, which was caused by

tummy malignant neoplastic disease. After Bonaparte? s licking, the European community was besides at


Napoleon Bonaparte surely changed the construction in the European

authorities. He brought free populace schools, universities, etc & # 8230 ; to the country. He

was noted as one of the best dictators of all clip. Throughout clip, Bonaparte? s

continued to govern for old ages.