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Natural Forces Essay, Research Paper

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Natural Forces

A natural force is a power brought on by nature. Natural forces, unlike those of other powers, are unmanageable. When a hurricane passes along the seashore, a bolt of lightning work stoppages a rooftop, and a vent erupts, these are all illustrations of natural forces. Natural forces can hold annihilating effects on wildlife, worlds, and the Earth itself. Our effects to defy these happenings, our lone manner to get by with such annihilating forces of nature are to detect, larn, and fix ourselves for the worst. I believe that about everyone has had at least one experience with natural forces. My experience of a enormous force of nature occurred when my female parent and I were in a auto and all of a sudden a tornado passed through the town.

Towards the terminal of 1989, my household and I were on holiday in Fort Myers, Florida. We drove from Trenton, New Jersey all the manner to Florida where my gramps lived. It was a long trip to undergo, particularly being six old ages old and cognizing that my male parent ne’er stopped the auto. By the clip we arrived at Fort Myers, it was a beautiful cheery twenty-four hours. The air current was gusting plenty to draw my hair back, and I was look up toing the thenar trees, coconuts, and lizards near the Gulf of Mexico. The first few yearss were nice, but small did I know that I would shortly be caught in the center of a tornado.

I can clearly retrieve being in the auto on a humid twenty-four hours with a small cloudiness. We were driving in the auto when all of a sudden the air current started to pick up and it started raining a spot. Within five proceedingss, the conditions progressed and there was so much wind blowing around the auto that we could no longer hear the wireless. I can retrieve when I saw a stop mark whirling in circles like a merry-go-round with electrical jobs. I d

o non retrieve how my female parent got us place so rapidly and where we were because all around us was a thick grey fog. However, all I can remember from that point on was sitting with my caput in my lap in the back place of the auto. I ne’er witnessed the true power of nature until this incident.

There was decidedly a lesson to be learned from my experience that twenty-four hours in the auto. Not merely was I scared to travel in the auto for a piece, but I did non even leave the house for about two yearss. The thing that truly sparked my imaginativeness most was how the conditions changed so rapidly. I can non retrieve how my ma had handled herself after the incident, but I know she must hold talked about it legion times and feared driving for a piece.

After I encountered this tickle pinking experience, I decided to travel to the library and forage up some research about how this huge tornado developed and ripped down Fort Myers, Florida. I learned the scientific theory of how a tornado occurs. A tornado betides when ambiance force per unit areas change at an height no more so 6000 pess. Therefore, a tornado will so develop get downing at the zenith or another term used is the oculus of the tornado, so easy increasing down to the land the funnel will than be created.

When I look back on this natural force, I realize there is good that follows beside this momentous juncture. The coming holiday, I will be smart about it by make this I know to watch the intelligence to see myself that I will non meet another tornado.

In decision, I have learned that natural forces destroy Earth in many ways, and there is nil that we can make to forestall these happenings from go oning. I believe that one time a individual has witnessed a natural force, their lives are normally different from so on. I know that I will ne’er bury this one.