Organizational Behaviour Assignment Essay Sample

Chapter 1 Case Incident: How a UPS Manager Cut Turnover

1. In dollars-and-cents’ footings. why did Katriona Roeder want to cut down turnover?

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Katriona Roeder wanted to cut down turnover because she knew her one-year nest eggs would increase due to take down hiring costs. She was responsible for $ 255 million in gross. yet her parttime employees had a turnover rate of 50 % per twelvemonth. She was good cognizant that repairing this issue would most decidedly lead to more productiveness and less costs.

2. What are the deductions from this instance for actuating parttime employees?

The deductions to actuate would be to do the edifice more user-friendly. more counsel and preparation for new hires. Katriona was cognizant that most parttime workers ended up holding full-time places. every bit good as going executives ; hence actuating these workers was a must.

3. What are the deductions from this instance for pull offing in future old ages when there may be a terrible labor deficit?

This improved turnover rate will profit the company in the hereafter if there is a labour deficit because they will hold many parttime employees to increase to possible full clip hours. alternatively of holding less full-time employees.

4. Is it unethical to learn supervisors “to demonstrate involvement in their employees as individuals” ? Explain.

It’s non unethical because moralss start at the single degree. It’s non unethical for supervisors to show involvement because they need to cognize the type of people they have working for them. and if these employees will “do the right thing” in certain state of affairss.

5. What facts in this instance back up the statement that OB should be approached from a eventuality position?

The chief fact in this instance that supports a eventuality position is that Katriona realized that she had five distinguishable groups working for her. differentiated by ages and phases in their callings. These groups had different demands and involvements. therefore “depended upon the situation” .

Chapter 2 Case Incident: A Diamond Personality

1. What factors do you believe have contributed to Rodriguez’s success? Was he simply “in the right topographic point at the right clip. ” or are at that place features about him that contribute to his success?

Oscar’s success could be a consequence of his peculiar personality properties. He seems to be a spot of a risk-taker which may hold helped this company grow. He took a hazard of prosecuting his thought even though he was told that it would non last. Oscar besides took the hazard of engaging new employees. Another factor/trait that may hold added to his success would be his proactive personality. He saw an chance that no 1 else had seen. and took the enterprise to follow his bosom in the venture. Even though it didn’t seem to optimistic at foremost. he persevered until positive alterations happened.

2. How do you believe Rodriguez would hit on the Big Five dimensions of personality ( extroversion. amenity. conscientiousness. emotional stableness. openness to see ) ? Which 1s would he hit high on? Which 1s might he score low on?

Personally. I think Rodriguez would hold scored reasonably high in all classs. The grounds for this is because he was really self-asserting. concerted with his concern associates. persistent in his calling program. composure. and really originative with his concern program. If there was something
that he may hold scored low in. it would perchance be in the emotional stableness class. I base this on the fact that he may hold been enduring feelings of depression and insecurity when people were stating him that his concern would non win. and therefore giving up on his dream for a small piece.

3. Make you believe that Rodriguez is high or low on nucleus self-evaluation? On what information did you establish your determination?

Rodriguez is decidedly high on nucleus self-evaluation. He evidently liked himself. and knew he was capable and effectual. This was apparent because he knew that he was capable of much more than merely working for person. He knew that his work and attending to item was effectual plenty to be his ain foreman. He felt in control over his environment. that’s why he took something in his jewellery environment that ne’er existed. and created it with great success.

4. What information about Rodriguez suggests that he has a proactive personality?

As I mentioned in figure one. Academy award saw an chance that no 1 else had seen. and took the enterprise to follow his bosom in the venture. Even though it didn’t seem that optimistic at first. he persevered until positive alterations happened. He faced restraints and obstructions from gem traders and clients. so he made the positive alterations that were needed.

Chapter 3 Case Incident: Gourmet Foods Works on Employee Attitudes

1. Explain the logic as to how Nelson’s three-day class could positively act upon Gourmet Foods’ profitableness.

The class could positively act upon the profitableness because the employees would be happier and more positive. There would be many “opportunities for client service” . which would take to an addition in client satisfaction and trueness. which would interpret into more net incomes.

2. Johnston says. “Positive attitude is the individual biggest thing that can alter a concern. ” How valid and generalizable do you believe this statement is?

I think it is a really valid statement. because someone’s attitude determines everything that they do. and how they do it. Besides. if a colleague has a good or bad attitude. it becomes contagious. and in bend affects your behaviours and mentalities.

3. If you were Johnston. what could you make to measure the effectivity of your $ 10 million investing in Nelson’s developing plan?

A trial given to employees before and after the preparation might assist estimate the effectivity of the plan. It can find the different degrees of committedness that the employees had and now have.

4. If you were a Gourmet Foods employee. how would you experience about traveling through Nelson’s class? Explain your place

I would love to travel through a class of this nature. For one. it shows how much value you are to the company you work for. and that they care adequate about you to pass all that money. Besides. this type of preparation will remain with you for the remainder of your life. Not merely would it positively assist your concern life. but you would harvest the benefits in your daily personal life every bit good. I find the thought of bettering mental. physical and emotion well-being really attractive.