Reaction Paper on Les Miserables Movie (2013) Essay Sample

Les Miserables ( the musical ) in my sentiment is one of the best musical renderings in the universe. Whether it’d be in the theater or on the large screen. Les Miserables. ne’er cease to present such a heartfelt act. A few hebdomads ago. I was given the opportunity to watch the recent Les Miserables musical in the films ( starring Hugh Jackman. Anne Hathaway. Russell Crowe. and Amanda Seyfried ) and I enjoyed it. Im a individual who loves music. I most decidedly love musicals! The vocals in Les Miserables are one of the best theatrical composings of all time made. Much to my surprise. the stars of the film really delivered a great show ; from their moving to their vocalizing. Overall. it was beautiful. Even though in the film. they didn’t truly stress how Jean Valjean fell inlove with beloved Fantine ( which was one of my favourite parts in the authoritative novel ) . the idea of the narrative was at that place.

It was about forgiveness. penitence. and altruistic love – all of which were shown in the character of Jean Valjean. In the beginning of the film. Jean Valjean received forgiveness from a bishop – whom he stole from ; and that was besides the minute he repented from his improper ways. A few twelvemonth after. he was one of the richest adult male in his town ; and by popular acclamation. he was made city manager of the town every bit good. He showed forgiveness towards his long-time enemy Javert in the terminal of the film and surrendered himself to the latter for imprisonment ; but so Javert realized his incorrect behaviors – his selfish Acts of the Apostless ; and alternatively. committed self-destruction. Throughout the film. Jean Valjean showed how altruistic love is. He showed love to Fantine through caring for her until her decease. He showed love to Fantine’s girl. Cosette. by handling her as his ain kid and raising her well. He showed love to the people of France during the Gallic revolution. by donating money or giving nutrient to the hapless ; and assisting Marius ( Cosette’s lover ) survive the war to be able to be with cosette after.

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And so. Victor Hugo. the author of the authoritative novel. did an astonishing occupation building such a fantastic narrative. There is no inquiry of why his classic novel is still one of the best narratives to day of the month! Herbert Kretzmer. the author of the musical ( English rendering ) . is besides doubtless good because his vocals for the Les Miserables musical. are one of the best vocals of all time written. My personal favourite is the celebrated “On My Own” ; that is wondrous sung by the character Eponine ( the miss who in secret loves Cosette’s lover: Marius ) . And because of that. I think that Les Miserables the musical is a well-built show that deserves to be commended for its glare.