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The Brain Essay Essay, Research Paper

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The human organic structure is divided into many different parts called variety meats. An organ called the encephalon, is the centre of the nervous system and it is the centre of all voluntary and nonvoluntary activities. It is besides responsible for other complexnesss such as idea, linguistic communication, and emotion. The encephalon weighs simply three lbs in an grownup but it contains 1000s of 1000000s of nervus cells that make up the nervous system. For old ages scientists have been analyzing the mystery of the encephalon and still today, there are many facets of the encephalon that remain a enigma. In order to grok the encephalon, it? s necessary to understand the protection it has from hurts. It? s besides imperative to detect medical progresss through trials and analysis to handle lay waste toing neurological diseases.

Twenty-eight castanetss make up the skull. Eight of these castanetss are meshing home bases. These home bases form the braincase. The braincase provides maximal protection for the encephalon while the other 20 castanetss make up the face. Another manner the encephalon is unbroken safe is by maintaining itself in liquid. About one fifth of the blood pumped by the bosom is sent to the encephalon. The encephalon so sends the blood through an intricate web of blood vass to where the blood is needed. Specialized blood vass produce a protective fluid. This fluid is what the encephalon literally floats in. A 3rd protective step taken by the encephalon is called the blood encephalon barrier. This barrier consists of a web of alone capillaries. These capillaries are filters for harmful chemicals carried by the blood, but do let O, H2O, and glucose to come in the encephalon.

By understanding the nature in which the encephalon is kept, a individual can presume that it is the most of import organ in the organic structure. A individual can so larn how t

o dainty encephalon juries and many neurological diseases.

Today, many experiments are being conducted that may be medical progresss for the hereafter. For case, & # 8220 ; encephalon grafting & # 8221 ; is one process that may be used in the hereafter. Brain grafting is transfering a really thin bed of encephalon tegument from one individual to another. This would ensue in the intervention of Parkinson? s disease and other ictus related upsets. Another extremist thought that has already been successfully been tried on Macaca mulatta monkey & # 8217 ; s is, entire organic structure grafts. This would let person with entire organic structure malignant neoplastic disease to populate with another organic structure. However, the spinal column can? t be reattached and scientists are chew overing ways on how to trip cell growing in the spinal column to turn back in the broken country of the spinal column. The moralss and legal jobs for such a graft would likely ne’er allow this operation be performed on worlds. This is because the individual would non be the same. The last thought of the hereafter is called unreal visual perception. Artificial visual perception is achieved by seting little electrodes in forepart of the ocular cerebral mantle of the encephalon. The electrodes are connected to a little camera that is some where on the individual & # 8217 ; s ear. A computing machine is attached to the camera. The computing machine sends the images from the camera straight to the deep-rooted electrodes. They flash as the image from the camera, therefore enabling the individual to see. But as of yet this process is non practical because of the size of the computing machine, and because of the cost of the bundle.

After all of the work and research that we have done it is really apparent to us that the encephalon is one of the most fantastic variety meats that worlds could hold. It guides us through about every second of our life. Even after researching the universe and the existence, the encephalon has ne’er ceased to astonish people, and likely ne’er will.