The Hand That Rocks Essay Sample

A Roman Catholic Cardinal one time said: “Give us the kids until they are seven old ages old. and you can maintain them the remainder of their lives. ” He meant. of class. that the first seven old ages of a man’s life are the most waxy. and that the instruction and preparation he receives as a immature kid will ne’er be forgotten. If in his early old ages he is brought up as a Roman Catholic. or in any other faith. he will be of that faith all his life. There is no uncertainty that the feelings made on the receptive nature of a kid in his early old ages are non easy forgotten. and have a great trade to make with repairing his character and sentiments for the remainder of his yearss.

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Naturally it is the female parent who has the greatest influence on the kid. The kid is with its female parent all twenty-four hours and dark ; it is the female parent that feeds it and cares for it in infancy ; it learns its first lessons at its mother’s articulatio genus ; and most of its early moral preparation is given by the female parent. The male parent is off from place at his work most of the twenty-four hours ; and. though he has to take his portion in the preparation of the kid. his influence can non. as a regulation. be every bit great as the mother’s. It is hence to a great grade true that work forces and adult females owe more to the influence. preparation and illustration of their female parent in early childhood. than to any other one influence. What they do in the universe as work forces and adult females is mostly determined by what she did for them when they were small. Thus she indirectly through them governs the fate of the race ; it is her manus that rocks the cradle. and it is her manus that indirectly regulations the universe. This is true whether the influence of the female parent is good or bad.

There are foolish and bad. every bit good as good and wise. female parents. The hereafter of any state. the hereafter of the race. hence. depends on the character and preparation of the female parents of the lifting coevals. It is hence a affair of supreme importance that the female parents should be educated and fitted for their of import undertaking. This is one of the strongest statements for the proper instruction of adult females. No race can be truly strong and progressive whose adult females are nescient and untrained.