What Are You Building with Your Life’s Blueprint? Essay Sample

Can you brush streets with the same passion that Martin Luther King used to animate others? On October 26. 1964. Dr. King gave a address to a group of pupils at Barratt Junior high. six months before his blackwash. In Dr. King’s address “What is your Life’s Blueprint? ” he asserts that everyone should be the best they can be. no affair who or what they do. In his “Life’s Blueprint” address. Dr. King uses metaphors. personification. and similes. in order to figuratively and articulately inspire pupils to execute to the best of their abilities.

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In the address “Life’s Blueprint” . he uses metaphors to assist depict what a design of life is. His usage of metaphors depict his thoughts in a nonliteral. and non-literal manner. For illustration. “If you can’t be a pine at the top of a hill. be a bush in a valley” is non really inquiring pupils to mime workss in nature. It really means that if you can’t be something great. be something that people may non look up to. but be the best at it. It besides describes how life can open more chances to you. The metaphors provide pupils with an chance to believe about what a life design is in their ain sentiment.

Dr. King uses personification to lucubrate. or alter the manner the pupils feel about themselves and what they want to make. It is used is to stress how of import life is and how it can offer more picks in life’s journey. For illustration. “Doors are opening to you” doesn’t literally mean they are opening automatically. Alternatively. this is meant to depict the many chances that life provides. It is a more originative manner of discoursing a really common subject.

Last Martin Luther King uses similes throughout the address. When he’s utilizing similes. he uses it to compare a boring and thankless occupation like street brushing to celebrated or great people. For illustration. “Sweep streets like how Michaelangelo painted pictures” compares a hapless and humble occupation to a celebrated painter and his work. Afterwards he continues with more people. and eventually explains why you should ever seek your best. You could be a little blade of grass in a whole spot. but be the best small piece of grass you can be.

In Dr. King’s “Life’s Blueprint” address he utilizes three literary elements. metaphors. personification. and similes. He does this to animate kids to make their really best. Using metaphors allows the readers to believe imaginatively ; personification gives life a greater significance ; and eventually similes. to compare a little occupation to a large individual. Maybe you will go a street sweeper. but street expanse as if you were salvaging the whole universe. no affair the occupation. be the best you can be.