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Capitalism/Communism Essay, Research Paper

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Communist vs. Capitalist

Andrew Carnegie & # 8217 ; s The Gospel of Wealth describes a capitalist society in which each adult male works for himself in the race for independent wealth. In this caste society, advancement is defined as the continual accretion of stuff wealth. An single & # 8217 ; s organisational accomplishments lead to his success ; his success acquires wealth, which in bend provides higher societal position than his working category opposite numbers. Carnegie defines advancement as stuff addition. He claims that over the old ages, wealth has been accumulated easy through coevalss. Does this accretion of wealth truly define advancement? Does this definition of a capitalistic society include all members of the society?

Carnegie has failed to include the on the job category opposite numbers to these alleged & # 8220 ; successful & # 8221 ; work forces. Carnegie & # 8217 ; s definition of capitalist economy is one sided and does non acknowledge the value of the disfavored members of its society. In world, the lone people who benefit from Carnegie & # 8217 ; s Gospel of Wealth are the 1s who were rich to get down with. In a capitalist society, as Marx and Engels explain in their Manifesto of the Communist Party, the affluent continue to work the working category to profit no 1 other than themselves. By coercing the working category to work at lower rewards, the wealthy will profit because their costs are minimized. H

owever, while the affluent continue to bask higher payroll checks, the workers continue to watch their ain payroll checks diminish. Therefore, the spread between the rich and hapless is merely turning wider. Therefore, we have category struggle.

Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels apologize a society in which each adult male works for the well being of the group alternatively of personal addition. The being of the group is improved because of a group attempt to accomplish a higher quality of life. This thought of Communism besides includes the abolishment of category struggle: the affluent Bourgeoisie versus the working category Proletariat. The Communists believe that the labor will finally subvert the middle class and accomplish a classless society where & # 8220 ; the free development of each is the status for the free development of all. & # 8221 ; In contrast to the capitalist society, the province regulates each citizen & # 8217 ; s wealth. Alternatively of capitalistic birthright, the Communists have no right to inheritance or belongings. Communism takes on a new significance of & # 8220 ; all work forces created equal. & # 8221 ;

Communism is non what I consider the ideal economic system ; nevertheless, Marx and Engels give a stronger essay than Carnegie does. They address each facet of the Communist values, while besides carrying the reader that the labors have every chance to get rid of castes. With such thoroughness, the statement takes on strength that Carnegie merely lacks in his essay.