Carnegie Essay Research Paper Carnegie s philosophy

Carnegie Essay, Research Paper

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Carnegie s doctrine in his Gospel of Wealth is that if the rich were to put an illustration to the hapless so possibly they will fallow. He besides says that the rich should populate modestly and shun extravagancy. He goes on to state that if a adult male gives charity for personal satisfaction is one of the most selfish actions of his life. Carnegie say that he wealthy demand to give back to the community by giving them Parkss and plants of art to make them enduring good. He finishes by stating that if you die a rich adult male and have non given back to the community so you die disgraced.

Carnegie s position of the hapless people is that the demand to be taken attention. He feels that if there is non a rich individual to, as he says, be & # 8220 ; mere agents and legal guardians for his poorer brethren & # 8221 ; so they would be at a lost on how to manage their money and merely go poorer. He talks about the lower category people as if they were animate beings and do non cognize how to manage themselves. He feels that the lone manner that they have a opportunity of lasting is to depend on the rich to back up them.

I agree with Carnegie s thought that if a affluent adult male dies rich he is disgraced. I feel that if person thinks that money is traveling to make him any good after he is dead so he is sorely mistaken. If I were rich and knew that I would decease so I would go forth adequate money to my household to acquire them through my decease and so I would give the remainder to a mission or to a school O

f some kind, were it would travel back to the community alternatively it roll uping dust on a shelf some were.

I think Carnegie has some good thoughts on how to stop poorness in America, but this system would ne’er be followed now a yearss there are excessively many selfish rich people in this state that even if there was one rich adult male that wanted to assist the hapless, unless he was a highly powerful rich individual, would non assist them because the privation to suit in with the remainder of the rich people. His thoughts are sort like communism in the purest signifier it is about a prefect authorities, aside from the fact that there is no faith. Carnegie s thoughts in the purest manner are the reply to stoping poorness in the U.S. , but due corruptness and gluttony it would non work.

If we were to work as a state to stop poorness it would hold to get down on the universe broad footing, the lone manner to truly and poverty in the U.S. and in the universe is to acquire rid of all signifiers of money and merely get down giving things off. the lone job with this system though is that if we were to take away money there would be no demand to work and if no 1 works so the base on balls production procedure will be stopped and so everything that we us would shortly go rare trade goods and so they in themselves would go currency. The lone manner that this system would work is if every organic structure will make their occupation and every organic structure helps each other out. As we speak the rich are acquiring richer and the hapless are acquiring poorer.