Global Human Resource Management at Coca-Cola Question Answers Essay Sample

Question 1. What is Coca-Cola’s staffing policy for managerial place: ethnocentric. polycentric or geocentric? Dose this policy makes sense? Ans: I think Cocal-cola’s staffing follows a polycentric for managerial places as they have to make that because they “Think Globally and act locally” . I say that because their policy is combination of ethnocentric every bit good as geocentric. Yes this policy makes sense because this is alligned with their planetary scheme in planetary enlargement. Coca-cola is a client driven company so they try to manage/expand their concern by engaging the local campaigner because they think that the local people can understand the local clients and employees better but at the same clip they empower their local directors with planetary experience they have by directing 500 high-ranking directors under planetary service plan. This manner they add value to the local concern from their learning experience from the other parts of the universe.

Question 2. What is the strategic function of the HRM map at Coca-Cola? How does HRM assist Coca-Cola to go a more successful international concern? Ans: Coca-cola chief strategic function is “Think Globally. act locally” . HRM help Coca-Cola accomplish these in the undermentioned ways: 1. By carry oning two-week HRM orientation Sessionss for HR staff from 25 operations. 2. Empowering the local people for direction places. this helps pull off the employees and clients in the best possible manner and enlargement of the concern is easy. 3. 500 high-ranking directors are involved in its “global service program” 4. Coca -cola in one portion of the universe learns from the experiences from another portion of the universe.

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Question 3. Make you believe it is appropriate to pay exiles harmonizing to US Benchmark rates. even when their place operation is non US? What possible jobs might such a policy cause? What are the benefits of the policy? Ans: Yes its appropriate to pay the exiles harmonizing to US subdivision grade because it helps the Coca-cola moving professionals remain motivated. Coca-cola has so many planetary service plans which requires them to travel their directors from the universe caput quarters to the other parts of the universe to authorise the local troughs with planetary tools via preparation. And by paying in footings of US criterions its makes easy for the directors to travel exterior and still motivated. US criterions by par is the universe bench grade so they directors from the US do non mind traveling to other parts of the universe. Let us accept that planetary enlargement comes with immense costs and this exile cost is one of them. Potential Problems:

1. Dis-satisfaction in the employees who do non travel outside the state.
2. Race among the local employees to travel abroad.
3. Costly matter.
1. It helps Coca-Cola achieve “Think Globally act locally” .
2. Employees remain motivated.
3. Business enlargement at the local degree is empowered by the planetary experience.