High School Memories Essay Sample

Throughout high school. I had many great memories. From athleticss to misss to all the partying. I merely wanted to cognize what everything was like. I can non believe that it has come this fast. From being an inexperienced sophomore to a slightly mature senior. things have truly changed for me. Some say that “high school was the best clip of my life” . merely like others say that high school was the worst clip in their lives. I was merely deceasing to see all the new and exciting things that awaited me. I’ve had plentifulness of good times. every bit good every bit merely as many bad times. in high school. And the most of import thing is that. non merely that I learned through the books. but I learned about life and the route in front of me. I started high school as a brash and cocky jock.

Bing a pupil jock truly changed me during my fresher and sophomore twelvemonth. It made me a better pupil but it besides changed my attitude. I was a sort individual and lovingness for my best friend until I dedicated all my clip into hoops. Bing a hoops participant. I had to make good in category and keep a certain grade point average in order to play. My school work ethic improved but my sleeping agenda was really irregular. I focused merely on hoops to better my accomplishment and being the best. I had no societal life except a hoops life. Sophomore twelvemonth. I started to recognize that the hoops plan was unjust. The manager tends to travel his favourite participants to varsity degree. He besides gives his favourite participants more playing clip than others. Even though. I was better than his favourite participants. he would ne’er give me playing clip. Finally I learned that life is non just and you merely got to cover with it. I left the plan with my friends that was traveling through the same thing as I was. After discontinuing the squad. I was able to concentrate more on school and holding a societal life. Throughout the old ages in hoops. I ever listened to my managers talking about life lessons to fix me. As I am older now. I tend to reminisce about the talks and use it to my life. The talks and narratives made me go a difficult working individual and ne’er take things for granted. I had my up and downs in hoops. but I can state is that I enjoyed every portion of it.

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