Introduction to Sociology Essay Sample

The public scene in a java store and roles these topographic points have in societ. The positions on the functionalist every bit good as the struggle theories and symbolic interactionists.

The teller is the functionalist. the fetid people in the corner are the struggle theoreticians and you are the symbolic interactionist. The teller serves a intent ; she is at that place to take your money and give you java and juices. The fetid people disagree over who truly is smelly ; they argue that I agree with society in naming them smelly because society and I have a false class-consciousness about the existent agencies of pleasant-smelling production. but society and I argue that they are smelly because it is driving clients off from the shop. You are an recreational sociologist ; you will seek to handle the teller. the people. java and juices and every other thing you can label in the java store as something you can interact with. be it paying the teller. stating the smelly people to bathe in something besides their self-importance. or merely imbibing the java and juice.

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The overall intent for java stores to overall frequenters would be these are great topographic points to analyze or make work due to the fact of soundlessness in most java stores every bit good as being able to imbibe caffeine to remain awake while making undertakings. To mix with one another and acquire acquainted every bit good. To perchance merely travel to a topographic point for relaxation and bask a drink while making so that is non-alcoholic.

The individual in charge of a java store would be the teller or direction of the company while the proprietor isn’t nowadays. The individual that would be in charge of the installation would likely be the individual the proprietor has chosen to pull off his/ her concern.

If coffee stores did no longer exist people would likely happen other topographic points to travel to and work every bit good as interact with one another. Peoples would perchance travel bent out more in eating houses. perchance library’s depending what they are making or if they merely wanted to mix with one another would perchance travel to a wine maker or a saloon constitution. If a public library no longer existed I’m certain the populace would likely travel hang out more in eating houses or each others places.


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