Ipt Assignment

IPT ASSIGNMENT; Project plan; Identify and Describe the features of an Information system that could be used by IPT students preparing for an exam on the eight information processes. The features that could be used by IPT students in ways to help them cover and remember all exam areas are Things such as , quizzes to test how much the students already know ,multiple choice, to determine difference in questions and revision notes these could be used to memorise the eight information processes and the rest of the Year 11 syllabus . . Identify a problem with this information system? A problem that occurred with this information system was that at first the study notes could not be reached due to the code not being consistent this soon was resolved and it was no longer credible of any problems. the website was sufficient and worked out to be great design. 3. Develop a gant chart showing the time scale for this project Understanding the problem ; Describe the problem to be solved and your solution.

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The problem is to create a study tool for students that contains useful information and study sources for students preparing for an IPT exam of the eight information processes. The solution to this problem is providing website for students to access quality information to help the students to prepare for the IPT exam. This website includes many study features such as preparation quizzes,Topic tests,multiple choice and study notes. List the users , participants , the information technology required and environment factors of the system.

The users and participants include the ipt students and the teachers involved in ipt studies. In regards to a system referring terms to the environment are the things that influence the system or that are influenced by the system in this case is the students and the teachers whom are preparing for an exam and practicing study skills. 3. Define the requirements of your system The requirements for this system include, computer,Printer,Excel,Word all Microsoft application , The internet and programs such as hot potato to design the test knowledge applications. . create a story board that presents a realistic prototype of your website 5. Evaluate your system in regards to the requirements set to determine if it can be deemed successful. The system designed by my group was website this was from my view deemed successful due to it including great study notes and testing knowledge applications. The output displayed by the information system was a high standard and straight forward so students find it easier to understand the syllabus.