Claudia Valentine: Plot Summary

Plot Summary The Story is based around the crime of Mark Bannister who was said by the police to of died of natural causes as he had heart troubles. Mark Bannister was writing a story for an unknown person for a lot of money but it was highly confidential. The story begins with the protagonist Claudia Valentine who is initially portrayed with masculine qualities and the reader assumes she is a man. As you learn more about Claudia you learn that she breaks many of the female stereotypes and this develops her character.

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Claudia Valentine is a private investigator and she is commissioned by Marks sister to investigate Marks death as she believes that there were suspicious circumstances. Claudia Valentine is sent of on many “red herrings” as she continues her search for the truth. She meets many minor characters throughout the story that unlock secrets towards the death of Mark Bannister and gives her clues to follow to unlock the mystery. She finds a connection to Harry Lavender after he commissions her to investigate another death of marks friend.

This leads her into unlocking secrets about Harry Lavender as she realises that he commissioned Mark to write the book and she through integration of other characters learns that he is responsible for both murders. When she comes to a resolution she can not put him in prison as he is on his death bed. Throughout the story Harry Lavenders Distinctive view on his life and that of Sydney is presented which portrays the darkness of his charater.