?Summary of “the Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” Essay Sample

Summary of ‘the Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me’

In his essay “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” Sherman Alexie claimed that it was reading and cognition which saved his life. Because, besides reading and books, his household and background was the same as other Indians who lived in the reserve: hapless and underprivileged. Alexie so recalled how his male parent read as many books as possible, which made himself a function theoretical account to the writer. Under his father’s influence, Alexie picked up books before he could read. Although he couldn’t understand the significances, he had the construct of paragraph and related it to reality that paragraphs were fencings that separated different groups of people. Just like Indians were separated from the chief society belonged to white people. The first clip Alexie learned to read was by presuming what might Superman said in a amusing image.

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He learned to read in this manner and became really talented while others childs couldn’t read as he did. However, when he grew up into a adult male, he frequently spoke his narrative in the 3rd individual in order to dull the hurting for his suffering childhood while Indians were expected to be stupid and fail in non-Indian universe. Nevertheless, Alexie was smart, chesty and lucky. His household has many books and he read every bit much as he could so that he could salvage his life. Now, as a successful author, Alexie visited schools in reserves every bit frequently as possible. By reading, Alexie had his ain voice and saved his life. Now he tried difficult to salvage other Indian children’s life.