Napoleon A Military Leader Essay Research Paper

Bonaparte: A Military Leader Essay, Research Paper

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Every adult male is a shaper of history. We all leave something behind when we are gone. But there are those that transcend this belief. Some work forces non merely leave a grade on those they knew through out life, but they leave a permanent feeling on the full universe. One such adult male is Napoleon Bonaparte. He will long be revered as on of the greatest leaders of all clip. He is still loved by some and despised by others about two centuries after his decease. Napoleon lived a life narratives are written about. His was a life of convulsion and grief. No one knew the sweet gustatory sensation of success and the torment of licking like the first Emperor of France.

To truly understand Napoleon, you must first expression at his early life. Napoleon was born on August 15, in the twelvemonth of 1769. He was born at Ajaccio, Corsica. This little island off the seashore of North Africa was seceded to France shortly before his birth. It is dry to believe that France s greatest leader of all clip was non born within its boundary lines. Trying to give their boy a jump-start in life, Napoleon s parents Letizia and Carlo Bonaparte enrolled him in a FrenchMilitary school.When Napoleon became old plenty his parents sent him off to the school, which was in Brienne France. Napoleon was non good accepted by the other pupils at the school. They felt he was a alien

And Napoleon became a lone wolf giving all of his clip to his surveies. After Napoleon s graduation he continued his

Military schooling by traveling on to go to the Cole Military Academy in Paris. Napoleon spent one twelvemonth at that place before

He was assigned to an foot unit as a 2nd lieutenant. His unit did non see much action in its fist few old ages, but

Napoleon still managed to demo his leading qualities.

In 1789 the Gallic Revolution began. Napoleon look frontward to the revolution, and supported it. In 1793 at the

Siege of Toulon, stalwart leaders and British military personnels clashed in awful conflict. Napoleon fought heroically and the

British were driven out. As Napoleon s wages he was given a publicity to general and his ain foot unit.

Unfortunately Napoleon ran into some bad fortune, the leader of the Gallic Revolution Maximilien Robespierre became

Power hungry and lost control. His ain work forces mutinied against him and executed him. Bonaparte was besides captured

And briefly imprisoned because he was a member of Robspierre s cabal. Napoleon was freed merely two months subsequently.

In 1795 a rebellion began in Paris over a new fundamental law presented by the National Convention, the National

Convention was the name of the new authorities that had taken power in France. Napoleon received orders from

French republics military leader to support the convention, and command the state of affairs. Upon his reaching Napoleon realized that

The crowd had turned into an ugly rabble. Napoleon was able to take control of the state of affairs, scatter the rabble and

Restore peace. Paul Barras who was in control of the Gallic armed forces was so impressed with Napoleon he promoted

Him to commander.

Napoleon is next responsibility was to transport out a series of operations in Italy that would ideally split and suppress the

Sardinian and Austrian ground forcess in Italy. Napoleons program was to split the opposing force into two parts. He would

Then throw his force at one half before the other half had clip to rejoin them. Using this tactic Napoleon destroyed

The Sardinian ground forcess. Napoleon could non be stopped. The King of Sardinia started speaking of peace but Napoleon

Did non listen, he continued his way of panic and wholly wiped out the Sardinians. Now Napoleon was

determined to get the better of the Austrians.

Napoleon foremost attacked a big Austrian ground forces in Mantua. The Austrian s sent four separate brigades of

Supports to assist keep off Napoleon is army but it wasn t plenty. Napoleon s ground forces still defeated the Austrians

At Mantua. Napoleon continued to hammer his manner through the state. In 1797 when he came with in 80 stat mis of

Vienna, the Austrians knew they were defeated and surrendered. After the resignation Napoleon negotiated the pact

With the Austrians, which evidently greatly favorite France. Napoleon in entire had won 14 pitched conflicts and 70

Combats. Besides whenever Napoleon took over a rich lands he used those lands to feed and pay his ground forces, and so the

Rest would

be sent back to France. This greatly helped their hapless economic system.

When Napoleon returned to France he received a heroes welcome. Napoleon was overwhelmed with the support he

Got from the people. He knew that this would be the perfect clip to prosecute an office in political relations. Bonaparte had

Dreams of being the following Alexander the great. He asked the authorities if he could take a big ground forces to Egypt.

Napoleon thought that if he conquered Egypt he could assail the English by surprise and cut off their trading paths.

Napoleon brought 35,000 military personnels with him to Egypt. He won his conflicts and occupied Egypt. Unfortunately for

Napoleon the British had already learned of his programs to take them by surprise and assail them from the South. As

Bonaparte was get downing to reorganize his work forces for the furtive onslaught ; he was surprised by an onslaught from the British ground forces.

Napoleon s ground forces was devastated. Napoleon took his staying military personnels and regrouped, but he knew he was non strong

Enough to agree the British. Alternatively Napoleon invaded Syria, one of England s all!

Is, but Syria with aid from English and Turkish military personnels were able to keep off Napoleon. Bonaparte vowed he would

Not return to France until he won another conflict. In 1799 he engaged his work forces in a conflict with Turkish military personnels at

Booker. Napoleon won get the better ofing 10,000 Turkish military personnels. Napoleon so returned to France.

When he returned he realized the authorities had fallen to pieces. Napoleon saw this as the perfect chance to

Take control. Napoleon overthrew the authorities and put up a new authorities called the Consulate. Napoleon is

Power bit by bit increased because of Frances great love for him. He finally became Napoleon the Emperor.

Napoleon had managed to derive complete control of both Frances authorities and military, but his was non plenty

For him. Napoleon wanted a bigger imperium. All of Europe was tired of contending so several peace pacts were signed

And for a period of about 14 months at that place was peace in Europe. Napoleon took advantage of this peace and started

Making drastic alterations. He became president of the Italian Republic, He claimed parts of Switzerland for France, he

Reestablished French republics University, and reshaped the full course of study, he founded the Bank of France and Legion of

Honor. Besides he developed the Napoleonic Code. Which is still used in some authoritiess today.

The peace did non last. In 1803 France and England began to contend once more. This clip France was non merely contending

England, England had allied with Russia, Austria, and Sweden. During this same clip Russia had started to go

Rebellious against Napoleons supreme regulation. Napoleon wanted to do an illustration out of Russia. Unfortunately he

Was in no place to get down an onslaught on Russia while he was supporting an onslaught from England, but Napoleon did

Not attention. He took 500,000 soldiers and chased the Russians all throughout their state. When Napoleon eventually

Caught up to the Russian ground forces in Moscow his ground forces had been reduced to 20,000 freeze, hungering despairing work forces.

Napoleon was defeated.

After this licking in Moscow Napoleons Empire began to crumple. England, Russia, Prussia, and Austria allied

Together one time once more to contend France. Napoleons ground forcess did non hold excessively many triumphs in these series of conflicts and

Finally England and its Alliess took Paris and Napoleon forfeited the throne. Napoleon was exiled from France. He

Traveled to Elba, a little island and started his new imperium. About 10 months subsequently Napoleon stunned everybody

When he marched into Paris with 1000s of soldiers and protagonists, and regained control. Once Napoleon

Regained Paris he tried to do peace with his enemies, but they would non hold it. Napoleon decided since his

Enemies would non ally with him ; he would strike them before they could strike him. Bonaparte decided to strike in

Belgium foremost. He was defeated in the conflict of Waterloo. Back in Paris Napoleon was losing popularity. Finally

Napoleon surrendered on the British battlewagon Bellerophon.

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of histories greatest political and military leaders. Napoleon is merely defect was that he ne’er

Knew when to halt. He wanted it all, and he about got it.