Life Resource Center Scavenger Hunt Essay Sample

1. What are the two ways that pupils may have guidance services through the LRC? They can name 866-320-2817 to talk to a counsellor over the phone. or to run into a local one. You can besides us the on-line guidance centre.

2. What heading are the Health Tools and Health Challenges found under? They are under the Thriving Heading.

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3. Where is the Assess Your Health tool located? It is located on the screen after snaping on the Health Tools hotlink under the Thriving Heading.

4. What are the five classs on the Live Healthy Page? The five classs are How Healthy Are You. Lifestyle Change. Physical Fitness. Prevention and Screening. and Tips for Healthy Living.

5. Where can resources and articles approximately good nutrition be found on the LRC? Those resources and articles can be found by snaping on the Healthy Eating hotlink under the Thriving Heading.

6. What are three of the wellness subjects that can be found on the LRC? Three of the wellness subjects on the LRC are Senior’s Health. Men’s Health. and Women’s Health.

7. What are two classs found under the Medical Care heading? Two of the classs found under the medical attention heading are Dental Care and Medicine

8. Where on the LRC would a individual find information on dependence and recovery? You can happen information about dependence and recovery and the Balancing Heading.

9. Where on the LRC would a individual find information about wellness issues related to aging? You can happen that information under the Aging Heading.

10. What are three psychosocial wellness subjects that are available on the LRC? Three psychosocial wellness subjects are long distance. communicating tips. and conflict declaration.