Should College Students Be Tested for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome? Essay Sample

Under the plan. striplings who visit the hospital’s exigency section will have written information about HIV testing and be asked in private whether they want to have an HIV trial regardless of the ground for their ED visit. Patients who agree to be tested will be administered an unwritten HIV trial. Consequences will be available within 20 proceedingss. If the consequence is positive. patients will have a blood trial to corroborate the consequence. which besides takes about 20 proceedingss.

Patients who test positive for HIV will so schedule a no-cost visit to the hospital’s paediatric HIV clinic to have guidance. instruction and information on how to portion the diagnosing with relations. Adolescents who test positive for HIV will non be required to portion the diagnosing with their parents. but hospital staff will promote them to make so. Ericka Hayes. a baby doctor at the infirmary. said that although striplings will non be required to portion positive diagnosings. parents or defenders finally will necessitate to be informed because they likely will be responsible for intervention costs.

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Hayes conducted a 10-year analysis that found an addition in new HIV instances among people ages 13 to 24. In 1997. 21 new HIV instances were diagnosed among immature people in St. Louis. compared with 54 in 2006. the analysis found. Hayes added that it is likely many teens and immature grownups in the metropolis are incognizant they are populating with HIV/AIDS.

CDC in 2006 recommended everyday HIV proving for people ages 13 to 64. and some infirmaries have begun offering HIV trials to all patients. However. the St. Louis plan will be the first such plan at a paediatric infirmary. Hayes said. adding that it besides will be the first plan that allows striplings. instead than parents. to do testing determinations. Under a Missouri legislative act. bush leagues are permitted to do testing and intervention determinations for HIV and other sexually familial infections. At least 25 other provinces have similar Torahs. the AP/Globe studies.

Hayes said that many teens “involved in bad behaviors” would non accept to an HIV trial if the consequences were non kept confidential. “We truly want to take that from the equation and allow the adolescent decide on proving for HIV. ” Hayes said. adding. “Otherwise. adolescents prosecuting in bad behaviours frequently will non acquire tested. ” Hayes added that the new plan is a “good thing” for striplings. even though she said she “accept [ s ] ” that some people “are non traveling to like” the plan.

Peter Sprigg. frailty president for policy at the Family Research Council. criticized the plan. stating that parents or defenders should accept to HIV proving and have the consequences. “When it comes to medical attention. the parent should hold absolute authorization over whether a kid is tested and should be the first notified of the consequences. ” He added that it is “outrageous” that adolescents could have an HIV trial without parental engagement. “I don’t think it’s of all time for the community’s good for an establishment like a infirmary to come between a parent and a child” ( Salter. AP/Joplin Globe. 6/26 ) .