Don’t Integrate Your Acquisitions, Partner with Them HBR Case Summary Essay Sample

“Don’t Integrate your Acquisitions. Partner with them” . an article written by Prashant Kale. Harbir Singh and Anand P. Raman. purposes to look into the construct of Partnering. The article was published in Harvard Business Review in December 2009. vol. 87. The 7 page long article dressed ores on Merges and Acquisitions and how the acquirer treats the freshly acquired organisation. It is non really common that merges and acquisitions between companies win. and in some instances merges lead to the death of one of the organisations involved in the operation. However. this article argues that there might be a opportunity to win when it comes to merges and acquisitions. As antecedently mentioned the article focuses chiefly on the construct of Partnering. which is fundamentally leting the companies that has been taken over by other companies to run independently.

In other words. the acquirer. alternatively of incorporating the acquisitions into the manner of making concern. they allow the acquisitions to run in the same manner it used to run before the acquisition. Partnering involves maintaining an acquisition’s separate construction and to prolonging its ain individuality and organisation. The article besides addresses the success of the construct of partnering between unifying companies. where the writers provided illustrations of acquisitions that used the partnering technique and lead to the success and satisfaction of both organisations. Furthermore. it is mentioned the footings of success of the construct of partnering. The article shows that non all organisations can accommodate that construct and lone companies with some compatibility are the 1s that can draw it off. It is obvious that the articles chief focal point is to turn to the construct of partnering and how to win in implementing it.

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